• Dear Ravers! Dear Artist! Dear Techno Community! Don't Stop Dancing! It is our Motto for the coming time! Nothing will stop us dancing! Today we decided to go local with the Line Up, because we wanna meet with so many DJs as possible and to let everybody play, before the Lock Down comes. We would like to give all of you, all the dancers the opportunity to dance with us! That is why you can have the Ticket for the price of 10€ if you come till 00:00!!! Let's meet on the dancefloor! @a7club Today, Thursday 25.11.2021 Start 23:00 Line Up: 23:00-00:00 Wyrd 00:00-01:00 Ghaithh b2b Alex Friday 01:00-02:00 I_dancewithdevil 02:00-03:00 Consumed 03:00-04:00 Lis Absoluta 04:00-6:00 Speed b2b Frequency B2B Josh Reid We will do everything to let the music play all the time! Even if the lockdown comes we will keep dancing! Get the Early Bird Ticket at the door before Midnight!
  • „DON'T Stop DANCING” - Flyer front