Muziki Academy

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  • We're excited to announce another iteration of COMMON called The Muziki Academy in partnership with [Santuri East Africa]( to bring you an intimate event focusing on learning on Friday . Muziki is a Swahili word for music. "Santuri Electronic Music Academy (SEMA) is a natural extension to Santuri's influential and extensive track record of running music production workshops. Santuri is now impacting the creative sector through regular courses in music production. Starting with mid-level courses in 2021, they will expand to also cover additional advanced level courses in early 2022.  The courses are being designed based on the findings of their extensive research in the region, as well as with support from their global music technology and music education players. What’s more, as with all Santuri projects, the courses will integrate culturally relevant topics that continue the conversation between technology, musical traditions, and ethical approaches to artistic creation. Santuri's educational philosophy and approach bolsters artists to learn and develop with as much creative freedom as possible. Students learn from regionally and globally recognized educators / artists and gain access to a wide array of cutting edge software and hardware courtesy of Santuri's partners – Ableton, Native Instruments, ADAM Audio, Shure, Izotope and others." In addition to the planet hosted by Santuri, COMMON will feature a Skillshare planet hosting exclusively educational content and 3 collaborative planets that merge two similar collectives from different demographics together in planets themed; House is a Movement, Code as art and Techno as a feeling.
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