Rocky Hill Residency

  • Darone Sassounian and Arthur Kaplan return to Club Tee Gee for their Rocky Hill residency. For the final residency night of Rocky Hill in 2021, Arthur and Darone are joined by special guest, Dave Aju, on b2b2b duties all night long. Dave Aju is a reliable name for fresh and inimitable electronic music, a balancing act of deep knowledge and passion for dance music history of the past, with a fearless, forward-thinking approach to production and performance. A diverse range of influences can be heard in Aju’s unique sound - from an immersive jazz upbringing via his father, a peer of Pharaoh Sanders early on, his dedicated underground hip-hop MC years, dance floor origins at South Bay latino house clubs, techno leanings of the SF rave scene in the 90s, to even contemporary R&B/neo-soul and the outer realms of experimental post-rock and musique concrète, always imbued with a warm, handmade sonic twist and solid sense of rhythm owed to his roots as a dancer. Dave Aju recently launched his label / imprint, Elbow Grease, with its first release "X17," the new throwback half-electro, half-freestyle knocker. “X17”, a reference to the hypothetical particle and potential Fifth Force discovery, is equal parts warm and cold, smooth and ruff, as a raw UR-schooled electro rhythm base plows through various known musical barriers, adorned with worldly percussion hits, moving synth textures, subtle jazz motifs and vocal incantations. Proof of vaccination required for entry.
  • Rocky Hill Residency - Flyer front