Clubkultur - The Movie at Säälchen Berlin


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Clubkultur - The Movie at Säälchen Berlin

Fri, 26 Nov
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    ∆ JOIN US THIS FRIDAY @ Säälchen / Holzmarkt Berlin ∆ Doors: 18:30 ∆ Start: 19:00 ∆ Tickets: 7, 50 € ∆ Limited to 170 Tickets
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  • Inside Berlin's Club Scene: hope, longing and elixir from a fading memory of intimacy, sex, music, ecstasy and joy. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin's club scene has been considered the world's superlative. With the pandemic, an industry and subculture, along with its revenue, income, and virtually taboo-free retreats and dazzling personalities, has disappeared. Will there be a comeback to it's old glory or will a new form of CLUB CULTURE emerge? What impact will the death of clubs have on the mental health of those for whom clubs were not just places to party, but workplaces or shelters where they could live out lust and vice in a judgement-free way? Directors Leonie Gerner & Andrea Schumacher were commissioned by HAUPTSTADT.TV to produce a critical, fast-paced documentary. A production in which club operators, musicians, DJs and psychologists have their say, and in which previously unpublished material from inside the clubs may be shown. The topic is highly explosive, because the loss of lightheartedness and openness, affects an international target group from New York to Tel Aviv - who came to Berlin for one reason only: to experience 'once in a lifetime' all that is considered taboo elsewhere.
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