Discipline - EBM, TBM, Electro, Italo, Ebsm, etc.

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    Kohl, Brad Rhodes, Plaguelustre, niq V
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  • Saturday December 4th, Interference Radio will be bringing you another virtual club livestream event. DJs for the evening will be spinning a blend of EBM, TBM, Electro, Italo & EBSM for a special 4 hour event starting at 8 PM EST 20:00 / UTC-5. Watch the event for FREE at twitch.tv/interferenceradio. You don't need a Twitch account to watch our event, but you do need one to participate in the chat! --------------------------------- DJ Timeslots forthcoming. - Kohl (Sinistry, Resistanz Industrial Festival, Infest Festival, Slimelight, Club Antichrist, Boudoir Bizarre (NL), KOMA Festival (Norway), Cyberdog and Frantic (UK), Force (Finland), Club Ruoska (Finland), Bionic & more) - DJ Brad Rhodes (Subculture Postpunk) All vinyl set Brad Rhodes has been a DJ since the late 80's, first on college radio, then as a resident DJ at various nightclubs in Providence, RI and Boston, MA, and has spun in Chicago, NYC and Florida. He currently hosts a weekly vinyl only post-punk, new wave, industrial and synth show every Friday and Wednesday on Twitch. twitch.tv/subculture_postpunk - Plaguelustre (Savage Logic/InterferenceRadio) Plaguelustre started out in 2001 with residencies in Baltimore and DC. Throughout the years, she’s played venues and events such as Albion (NYC), Gommorah at True (NYC), QXT’s (NJ), Flamingo (NYC), Don Hill’s (NYC), Alchemy (DC), The Cage (DC), Pyramid (NYC), and Electroshock (Baltimore). She is a former resident on SquarewavTV. She has also been a guest on Strict Tempo, Slimelight, QXTs, and Industrial Detroit on Twitch to name a few. She has also participated in two [LIFT] events on Twitch with Richmond based TechNoir Events. She aids in booking and social media assistance for Interference Radio. mixcloud.com/plaguelustre/ facebook.com/PlaguelustreDJ Twitch.tv/plaguelustre - niq V (The BASSment, Dark Tuesdays, Outrun) Based in Denver Colorado, niq V started DJing in 2014. He is the founder and co-resident of The BASSment (an Industrial Bass and Dark Techno night), as well as a resident at Dark Tuesdays and OUTRUN. Currently, he has two music streams each week on Twitch: Dark Tuesdays along with DJ Nitrogen, as well as a rotating theme each Friday night. twitch.tv/djniqv -------------------------------------- Interference Radio is a Twitch channel featuring a multitude of resident and guest DJs/artists spinning Dark/Hard/Industrial Techno, EBM, and Techno-Industrial. Please follow us on Twitch and turn on the notification bell to receive word of when our channel is live. Thanks for your support! intererenceradio.squarespace.com twitch.tv/interferenceradio facebook.com/interferenceradiousa Instagram: @interference_radio mixcloud.com/InterferenceRadio youtube.com/c/InterferenceRadio
  • Discipline - EBM, TBM, Electro, Italo, Ebsm, etc. - Flyer front