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  • • industrial • techno • EBM • noise • acid • electro • trance • wave • NĀDA returns to bring you the seasons greetings in the form of searing bass lines and grotesque sub-bass, all to ease your eardrums into the festivities ahead. You know what to expect - the crackle of industrial and EBM melding with the superconductivity of techno and electro that electrical current uniting sweaty bodies in a bacchanalia of ecstatic plasma. This to say, it’s a bloody brilliant party where you dance till you drop or 3 am - whichever comes first. This time around we’ve invited Denis Muresan, a rising star in the London queer techno scene who has turned heads with his fast-tempo, high-energy mix of techno, trance and pop tomfoolery. We can’t wait to hear him lay waste to the Castle basement! We also welcome back NĀDA’s own Haste, who after a spell in Portugal is back in London and eager to get back behind the decks with his trademark spellbinding techno, where he will be joined by residents SECO))) and Equi3v Regardless of what you want and bring to the basement, one thing is essential. No racism, no xenophobia, no homophobia, no transphobia, no being an asshole. NĀDA is a queer & ally space, VØLTA is a safe space. Presenting: Denis Muresan Denis Muresan is a London-based Transylvanian DJ. A regular raver at most underground queer nights in London, it was only a matter of time until Denis jumped behind the decks to share his driving energy with the crowd. He debuted at Riposte London and has been featured on podcasts such as Technomate, MASS, and Technoasis. Denis plays highly energetic sets, combining techno, trance, and everything in between, with a soft spot for club edits and Y2K pop gems. If you like your beats fast and your bass down low he is one to watch. Equi3v Darkness in shades of pink and a blanket of noise you can cuddle in and feel the embrace of the beat beat beat. Music so nasty you would rather be at the dance floor than at the cruising area. A facial of noise. Haste Never wasting time, the NĀDA founder and resident has been honing his own take on cold minimal techno for a while and is ready to wreck the dance floor quicker than you can say electromagnetic radiation SECO))) Dark, transcendent and shimmering machine funk aimed that exalts the mind and commands the foot. NĀDA founder and resident, SECO))) focuses on bridging the gap between the psychedelic, hypnotic side of techno with the raw ravey energy of industrial and EBM.
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