Iconic Mirage/Exhibition with Merle Hopf/Artist Meetup

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    Jenson S.G.B Pasqualino
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  • Our concept is based on the idea of home. This will be an event at which people can meet regularly, in an open, relaxed and creative atmosphere. This is not a traditional exhibition format! It's a hybrid event, combining art, DJ sets and a bar. We'll be serving you House, Techno and Acid. The figure of the artist can be detached from the everyday life of society — there is some truth to the image of a nocturnal, lonely creator.... After spending restless nights creating, and countless hours on production, the contrast between a social environment and creative "hibernation" can seem like a challenge! Please come and share a drink with us — you will find like-minded people. By sharing our thoughts and ideas with others maybe something unplanned and exciting will emerge (or we'll realize it's nonsense and we can laugh about before we reject it!) Come by, we are always happy to see new faces. Our artist Merle Hopf: She is a 19-year-old artist born in Berlin, Germany. She has been living and painting her entire life in this fast-paced city. According to Merle a life without art would be dull since it is beneath the structure of everything and anything. Thus, art has always been an inseparable part of her not only due to her family and the pop culture she grew up with but also because drawing and painting were the only ways to materialize her thoughts and imaginations. In November 2021 she makes her debut at an art exhibition for Iconic Mirage in Berlin. Her Work: Merle’s body of work is typically unified by repetitive utilization of acrylic paint on canvas and paper. The color palette is bright, differentiated, and opposite colors are used to enhance the bold structure of the shades, combined with brushwork techniques that seem to have impressionistic influences. Her figures have a caricature/cartoon-like character, big eyes and enhanced features. They are intangible but at the same time concrete: some parts of the face and body are painted in a detailed way, while others remain blurred. The figures are lost in the background and seem to absorb everything that surrounds them in a continuous metamorphosis with themselves. They take shape through geometric and angular lines that remind of Egon Schiele´s patterns. Merle builds fragmented scenes, using her human figures to express vulnerability, often through physical distortion. She aims to create an atmosphere that is not always comfortable or reassuring but still makes the audience feel an intimate and intense connection with the people portrayed in the paintings. Merle’s art describes the struggle of finding an identity or even feeling human again in a world build around anonymity and passivity where, as she states „beauty and peace can only be found in the absurdity of the realization that we have no control over the outcome of anything.“ The deep meaning that emerges from her works refers to the fact that „when life does not make sense, we have to give it a meaning by ourselves.“
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