Klub Verboten x Ø [PHASE] x Amotik

  • THIS EVENT IS GOING AHEAD We received news that our January event will go ahead as planned as per latest government guidelines. Expect no new restrictions but plenty of restraints. In case of any last-minute U-turn resulting in a cancellation, everyone will receive a refund, of course. 14/01: With Ø Phase we are welcoming a sound wizard who chose to stay in the shadows throughout his career. A Berghain / Photon regular and local superhero. Expect full HD sound. Clean and just as trippy as powerful. In support Amotik brings his very unique hypnotic/atmospheric techno with an relentless raw undertone. A humble self-made producer that could not be any better fit for this occasion. ABOUT Klub Verboten launched in 2016 and is a provider of contemporary Sex-positive spaces. Our roots lie in the spatial, sonic and visual exploration of BDSM & fetish practises. We felt modern kink should not materialise like the package description of a ‘flesh-coloured’ dildo from an online retail monster. We are about the complexities of modern physical Interactions; a crowd filling the whole spectrum of human experience. Verboten explores how we engage with each other driven by our sexualities at a range of timbres, fluidities and endurances, with ethoses and processes that amplify the tangible & intangible qualities of united ejaculations. Stagnant prescribed erotic orthodoxies are no longer as our parties celebrate experimentation & expression, in the believes that new forms of connection & resistance will emerge. TICKETS Available via the Dice App https://link.dice.fm/ada2bdb55919 Same ticket type for everyone. Verboten members can unhide % early bird tickets using their Membership number (UNLOCK CODE) while allocations last. Memberships are free & can be obtained from klubverboten.com. 2nd Release: £20.50 (incl. fee) 3rd Release: £25.50 (incl. fee) Final Release: £29.50 (incl. fee) MEMBERSHIPS Only pre-vetted members have access to our extra intimate members' playroom, nudes gallery and a limited amount of discounted early birds using your membership code with the Dice ticketing app. Klub Verboten Memberships are free and also offer fast track entry (applicable venues only). SONIC STUFF _Ø [PHASE] _AMOTIK _SORAYA PERFORMANCES _tba VENUE _1200 BODY CAPACITY _PLAY ROOM _MEMBERS ROOM _DANCE FLOOR [The address gets sent out a day ahead of the event to ticket holders via email.] DRESS CODE Remember, Klub Verboten is a fetish club with a strict dress code policy. Think of: Latex, Rubber, PVC, Leather, Metal, Lace. Your outfit does not need to be expensive; creativity & authentic expression are key. We put tremendous efforts into our events and expect an equal effort in thought process of you. If your outfit is not Verboten enough, we cannot let you enter. If one could wear it in a cocktail bar, you can't wear it at a fet1sh club. Safeguarding our cumunity is paramount; therefore, we may refuse entry to anyone who’s outfit communicates a lack of understanding required to navigate these spaces. [More details: https://klubverboten.com/dress-code] SAFEGUARDING We will not let you enter our event if you don't clearly understand our Klub Rules: (https://klubverboten.com/rules) Our gatekeepers reserve the right to refuse entry to individuals who may oppose a concern towards the safeguarding of the community or may diminish the experience for others. TICKET RETURNS / WAITLIST Once an event sells out, the ticket return option becomes available & tickets will be offered to people on the waitlist. ACCESSIBILITY / WELLBEING Ground floor venue. One single step to enter. Queue times can vary, best to arrive within the first hour of opening Toilets: Step free access as well as one set of 2 steps. Some seating. Outdoor area. Some strobing & moving moving lights A little smoke & loud music Well vented / heating & air condition By purchasing a ticket, you agree to enter subject to KV's terms & conditions & Klub Rules as laid out on klubverboten.com.


  • Klub Verboten x Ø [PHASE] x Amotik - Flyer front