Art I Dicction Club Party at Weisser Hase Berlin with BOHO, Empro and Residents

  • Hello beautiful Party-People, 🎭🎭🎭 ArtIDicction is finally back and this time in a Berlin club!!!🔊 Our amazing, slightly crazy, and very creative collective will turn Der Weisse Hase into a magical ArtIDicction wonderland, a place where you can freely RAVE, RELAX and BE YOURSELF! So dare to express yourself because we screw the crew! 🙊🙈🙉 What you need to know about the party…ℹ️ ++Line-up 🔊🔊🔊 Temple of Techno: Boho // Empro // Wiebe Roose // Bazeja // Milla Lou // Hall of Residents: Sven F // Cheesebeat // Achillis // Klarer Bernstein // ++The Club Der Weisse Hase will be transformed into the unique trippy livingroom feeling you remember our last events to have been! A space where you can relax next to the DJ booth and enjoy art and performances! We are a clean and conscious collective. Of course, we are going to decorate and furnish the club in the ArtIDicction style and take you on a magical trip. We expect you to treat everything with love and care, so that we can all enjoy and be free and respected! ++Dress code and concept We encourage you to be you and we welcome you to come in your craziest party outfits. We love colour, we love glitter, we love you, so BE YOU, your true you, no mask (how ironic!) !!! We DO NOT accept and form of phobia and discrimination...Angels and Warriors will guard the spaces! ++Corona The event is a ***2G*** event, only for vaccinated and recovered people, according to the current rules for Berlin clubs. It is therefore mandatory that you have a digital proof of vaccination or recovery and an identification document (passport, ID card, driver's license) in order to participate. ***NO ENTRY without digital proof of vaccination or recovery.***


  • Art I Dicction Club Party at Weisser Hase Berlin with BOHO, Empro and Residents - Flyer front