Stories: Chapter II

  • STORIES (Lisbon) We are thrilled to present you the second coming of STORIES. After the first Chapter's success we opted for the same day event format, this time with our beloved Mira. Together with the support from our residents she'll be taking us on a ride with her hypnotising sounds in the same outstanding venue in Beato. Event starts at 3pm and will go to at least midnight. Bring your dancing shoes and show up early - we have a lot of surprises lined up for you. Thank you to our sponsor Mezcal Amarás. You'll find a dedicated Mezcal bar with premium cocktails made by specialised bartenders this time around. Headliners: Mira Also known as the queen of Berlin through her residency in Kater Blau, our beloved Mira will be headlining our next chapter. She's that rare kind of DJ whose music can immediately transport you into her world - a midnight circus in Berlin, where time loses all definition and anything becomes possible. We hope you're as excited as we are to welcome her to Lisbon.  Tim Engelhardt Coming to us from Cologne, Tim made his first record when he was 14. Combining profound musical knowledge with intuitive playfulness, his solid pianist background becomes rather obvious in the great care he takes over harmonies and an expanded melodic structure. He gets his cues from all types of musical genres which is obvious when listening to his intricate tracks on labels such as Dixon's Innervision and Steve Bug's iconic Poker Flat Recordings. MAGA The co-founder of Stories, Lisbon-based DJ and producer MAGA's musical project is a journey through melodic, organic and minimalistic patterns. Frequent fixture in the world's best venues, MAGA is an international headliner with releases on Flying Circus, Get Physical, Supernature & owner of the non-profit label Children of the Future. Local Support: John Woods John is a Portuguese DJ, founder of REBORN electronic music event agency, and resident of the GOAT Community. Our resident Tó Ricciardi will join forces with John in a b2b we won't be forgetting anytime soon. Residents Tó Ricciardi One of the pioneers of electronic music movement in Lisbon in the 90 ́s and the well known head of the Sururu Records label will be joining us. Miroslav The new cool kids on the block will make us dance into the night's early hours. Miro and impropper's b2bs' genre bending sound fuses the history and diversity of electronic music, always aiming to create an unforgettable experience for their audience.
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