I Need a Break

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    L.U.I. Krah Zara Paz & Diaper Daisy *live* Acriter Fexomat *live* Shannon Soundquist DJying Charade B2B R.S.S. Simon Korfunkle *live* Yaya23 Chantal Neurokortex 4RouB33
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  • We need a break from all this Corona madness and to refill our batteries! So we invite you for a night full with fast, hard and fun music on 2 floors! Very Important: This is a 2G+ party! So please remember to bring your vaccination certificate. If you don´t have a test certificate, we will have tests ready at the entrance. Styles: Hardtek, Breakcore, Hardcore, and some DnB, Noize, and Crossbreed
  • I Need a Break - Flyer front