• SATURDAY 12.11.21 10PM - 4AM FREE b4 11pm /// $10 after Proof of Vaxx required Flyer by J R Digitized T R U E T O F O R M ///  I am awake at 4:30am and figured i may as well open my laptop, put on Tangerine Dream and free-form this, since it's swimming around my head and coming to life anyway. I imagine all of you who may have also awakened from dreaming this morning, for whatever reason - be it anxiety, overactive adrenal glands, a bad nightmare, a nagging sense of impending doom, the list goes on. I hope you are awake because you are lying beside your crush and you can't believe your luck and don't want the night to ever end so there you are, savoring every moment... or that you are up working on something important to you with great purpose... sleep will come eventually. So yeah, right now the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, and I have some things to say about Greg and Reggie real quick. But first: L E T T H E S P I R I T S T A K E M E ///  I have a Ron Trent record stuck in my head - a vocal loop that serves as the hook, i guess. I often think of this hook when i can't sleep. A form of begging for subconscious rest, most definitely. I first heard this record at one of Toshi's basement parties; then thrown in his last apartment on Vernon St, but still named Cedar Room Sessions after the infamous previous address he used to host at. I didn't know what the record was, I didn't ask the selector coz it didn't feel right to do so, and i didn't shazam it - partly coz i don't think i got any cell service in that basement (thank gxd) and partly because I wasn't allowing myself to use shazam at the time - i could write so much more on THAT subject but i wont digress any further right now. I did find the record years later on my own. I think another friend played it at another party when I happened to be standing in the booth with them, and they were available and generous enough to tell me what it was. The lyrics do not help you to google what the record is, so being able to look at the label is crucial to the discovery process. I'm grateful for the time I took to not own the record immediately because it gave it so much more weight and importance in my life, as it does now in my sets. And Ron Trent continues to be a force that brings me closer to people and fellow artists in my life who matter. Shazam, like all other apps designed to make our lives 'easier' has killed a lot of intimacy and synapses in the process. Even though it's free, there is a price to pay for this shit, ultimately. S O, R O N T R E N T ///  A few years ago, before I was hosting SMP at Le Bain regularly, they invited me to throw a one-off party with Ladymonix, and so together we thought of a third person that we wanted to join us in that thing. Someone to open the party right. I had come up with the name and concept for the night inspired by yet another Ron Trent record, "7th Heaven" - his musical tribute to Frankie Knuckles. I had found it whilst digging at Halcyon (the one located on the side of Output, RIP) and it had inspired me beyond. It married together a lot of different feelings and histories of nightlife that were important to me: artistic integrity, community, preserving a Legacy, music as a social glue that allows connection of mind, body and spirit between us, in spite of everything material and systematic that seeks to divide us. W E L C O M E T O W A W A L A N D ///  DJ Wawa was the first name Ladymonix and I both thought of. I don't think Greg and I had played together yet at that point, but we had formed a valuable friendship out of mutual respect for one another's artistic journeys through the New York scene. Greg had started to put their own music out as well - I was honored to be one of the people they were sharing demos with at the time; hugely inspired by their dedication to the craft and their output. I also appreciated the things that Greg said yes and no to within the industry. I saw the way they were moving, it was important to me. It was a kindred spirit thing. So we all played together that night and it was magical. Greg played the most beautiful opening set - so moody and full of nuance. Incorporating the very best selections from the Lo-fi house pocket that is still so prevalent today, (but full of so much trash lol), and combining those gems with timeless classics - including a Murk record that we both love so much. Arguably the best Sade remix to have ever been made. Please @ me if you know what time it is. Greg and I played together next under VERY different circumstances: In the valley between two Covid peaks, Summer 2020. August? September? Let me check...It was August. We were all figuring out how to throw hybrid irl parties + digital streaming events that were safe for folks to attend and relax in. I hosted SMP at h0l0 via MeanRed, we streamed the DJ sets via Twitch, and invited friends and fans to gather responsibly 'in' their outdoor curbside space. The streams were projected onto the wall across from where everyone was seated, there were fairy lights strung up everywhere, pizza served from the restaurant nextdoor, and the music was pumped out to the street through some speakers brought up from the basement. It was a very special night, and the first social gathering irl after quarantine for many many people who attended. Looking back, I see that it was all worthwhile to organize, even though at the time I was incredibly stressed out by the additional responsibility of making sure we were doing something that was covid-safe and necessary, as much as it was a fun and creative event. And now we're here. Club life has resumed for the time being, and I am thrilled to have Greg back to play an actual IRL SMP for real-real. Greg is a perfect SMP artist coz you really never know what they're going to pull out the bag. I've heard them play anything and everything from the most tender Henry Street records, to the aforementioned trending Lo-fi house, to electro funk anthems from the likes of The S.O.S. Band, to their own soulful techno + footwork inspired productions. Welcome, indeed. R A G E A G A I N S T ///  Reggie and I first met whilst doin a radio show together on 8 Ball Radio - 'Hypha Radio', to be exact. This is back in March of 2018. Reggie and his partner in crime, Paul, (s/o <3) had booked me to play with them. I already appreciated their care, attention to detail, and sensitivities towards their musical endeavours, so it was an easy yes. That session is one of my favorites to-date, and I still enjoy listening back to the resulting sets from all of us. I can hear that we were relaxed, inspired, and in good company. Towards the end of my set, which was a mix of distorted vocals, ambient techno, ethereal soul, an Indie remix by Floating Points, and one of the darker leftfield records made by the likes of MAW, I played a Marvin Gaye record that Reggie freaked out over. I love nothing more than to put real music lovers onto music they've never heard before and that was a really special bonding moment for Reggie and I. The song was 'Love me Now or Leave me Later'. (At the time I was in love with a man who was obsessed with Marvin Gaye and so i was weaving in at least one of his songs into every single one of my sets, as a way of casting some kind of summoning spell. It worked, but not in ways that I expected...be careful what you wish for, kids.) I also remember that Reggie made some incredible videos and animated the radio show flyer to promo the session prior-to, and his work blew me away. It still does today. Multi-disciplinary, fearless, kind. Reggie is one of my favorite people to be close to in a booth and work with. That's important. This shit is intimate af - you have to be with people you trust, who have only your best interests in mind. Otherwise you may as well stay home, play on your own, and protect yourself. I am truly inspired to pull records and play this party with Reggie and Greg. The three of us are going to make some real magic happen for y'all in the intimate and powerful space that is Jupiter Disco. Get there early to ensure you aren't caught waiting outside in the line, and (as much as we wanna support the venue) skip that $10 cover after 11pm! Ain't nobody got time for that! See you all the way up in there. @gregorywawa @4AM__NYC @rage.inald @spiritualmentalphysical @Jupiter_Disco /// About the Party /// Spiritual Mental Physical -SMP for short- is a party first, and about individual performances second. We miss parties. We know you do too. Like those: step in the club, oh shit what we gettin into, who's that cutie over there, lemme grab a drink i'll be right back, heeeeeeeey, hoooooo, and all of that. No bullshit, no uppity attitudes - but yes to drama, yes to sweat, yes to seduction and letting go and good vibrations and mixes & cuts that make you go 'd a m n'. SMP honors the age old art of creating a sonic arc to the night every time we host: the grand opening, the slow burn, the steady rise, the slammin peaks and heady valleys of the witching hours, and the loving come down on the other side. Time is irrelevant, but the feeling of this arc is important to uphold and deliver, and so we keep on bringin it to you every time. SMP is multi-genre, multi-format, multi-cultural. It's a love thang. It's for dancers, wallflowers, enbys & gentle-thems, record snobs, digital artists, deep diggers, turntablists and iconoclasts alike. We're here to tell you stories through sound. We're here to rock your worlds one record at a time. To meet you, connect with you, inspire you - send you home happy. www.spiritualmentalphysical.com