Haute to Death


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Haute to Death

Marble Bar
Sat, 20 Nov
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    Haute to Death
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  • MEMORANDUM: Work from Home forever, but Work for Love is back where it belongs. Our absolute favorite, BOSS & SECRETARY party returns! Meet us at our office (Marble's ballroom) as we stretch the limits of "office appropriate" with drinks, dancing, and other team-building exercises. Attendance is mandatory, overtime will be clocked, and business-sexual attire is encouraged. Dinner service provided by the babes of Sloppy Fox, menu forthcoming! Grab a bite for the floor, grad another to find in your bag on Sunday morning. DANCE MUSIC / DANCE MUSIC / DANCE MUSIC. 21+ / Limited capacity, tickets available on Marble's RA on MONDAY, 11/15 xo, H2D ** Haute to Death prioritizes the safety, comfort, and freedom of our community; offering a positive space for all people of all backgrounds. Bigotry, harassment, and other bogus behaviors are not welcome here, so if you can't empower your fellow party people, this might not be the party for you. If at any point you feel unsafe, please let someone know: Security, bar staff, or a nearby friendly face- we'll work together and get it taken care of. Please keep in mind that pandemic life has been an intense journey and we're not all on the same comfort level quite yet. No clownery, respect others space, masks on inside please (and outside too if you want!) Do what you gotta do to keep yourself and others safe.
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