Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass

  • Smoke Invaders Are Spacing Grass tonight at Wonderville with selectors Acid Daddy, IT-XPO, & m50. Acid Daddy is an artist making bleeps & bloops with verve & aplomb in Chicago, simultaneously managing the Dieselcast mix series & the Identity Spectrum label. IT-XPO is the tonal backbone of america, based in NYC, affiliated with Datafruits & producing a dexterous array of groovy sounds. m50 is another music player & maker from Chicago, hosting etc radio and managing Kimochi Sound & Tesuji. Together, they unite to present a spaced-out energy & extraterrestrial vibration for beings throughout the universe on this holiday weekend. m50 IT-XPO Acid Daddy
  • Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass - Flyer front