Boundary Condition


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Boundary Condition

A12 Lab
Thu, 25 Nov
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    o.utlier (DJ Set) Dirar Kalash, Cerpintxt & Ruben Sonnoli The SEER A'Bear Sainswn Marina (DJ Set) Ruben Marino Tolosa (DJ Set)
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  • Durational sonic immersion for the rabidly sentimental: investigating the parallelization between dark-jazz, hauntology, and music concrete as nostalgia-centric practices trickling from the persistence and antagonistic fragmentation of certain memories Post instrument instrumentals: This episode is a mixture of oud, clarinet, saxophone, CV-controlled turntables, percussive electronics, vocal compositions, and ambient soundscapes. - Free entry // donation based - Before 11pm - Candlelit sleeping setup with heavy projections - RSVP through link to get complimentary mulled wine & canapes on arrival - Livestreamed on Radio Alhara Sound Line-up: O.utlier (DJ Set) By its nature, an outlier stands apart. Yet, while mapping out a sonic terrain that is distinctly his own, this Irish native has found a home on revered labels including Naïf, Soul Music People and Appian Sounds. A resident DJ at the Astral Industries nights in London, he moves effortlessly between gnostic techno trips and ambient sets that tunnel deep into the unconscious. Across his sets and productions, he draws on a sound palette that includes everything from coarse-hewn drone and immersive field recordings to oblique percussive interventions and coruscating synths. Dirar Kalash, Cerpintxt & Ruben Sonnoli Dirar Kalash is a musician and sound artist whose work spans a wide range of musical and sonic practices within a variety of instrumental, compositional and improvisational contexts heavily imbued with undertones of sonic activism. Kalash extends his practice into inter-disciplinary theoretical research, sound installations, live audio-visual performances, and photography projects. He has produced several solo and collaborative musical albums and is currently active as a touring musician. Cerpintxt is an electroacoustic post-ape progress report from the cosmic madhouse, through the medium of voice, auto-destruction, wind-guided experiments in protoconversation. Her work is concerned with generating an invented language of a particular strain of softness through phonetic entropy and augmented instrumentation. The hauntological element of her work explores a form of sonic activism against the weaponization of love in Egypt. The Seer The frustration, of being caught between knowledge and powerlessness, is perhaps why her character still resonates today. Conny Prantera has built a striking career out of channeling precisely these concerns. Best known for her work as The Seer, her illustration, video art, music and multimedia work draws on arcane symbolism. The character of Cassandra, alongside an interest in magic and an investigation into how systems of feminine wisdom have been suppressed, was one of her entry points into developing The Seer. A’Bear A’Bear is an avant synth producer and DJ making cosmic-inspired piqued out pop layered with messed up frenetic beats. Described by Resident Advisor as ‘wonderfully unhinged’, A’Bear combines psychedelic polyrhythms with distorted bass lines and warped vocals. sainsŵn (Audiovisual set) sainsŵn is + ddim. yw hunaniaeth+ is not identity. sainsŵn between realiti. yn cael ei adeiladu a’I constructed. gwnaethoch chi adeiladu ac constructing. under construction and construction. you built and built. on-flow yn dod i ben mewn amser. is listening a pheidio â gwrando. is noise and ac nid sŵn. is not object, is fflwcs. sainsŵn is product. purchase + masnach + copi + distribute. ti’n gwneud . sainsŵn. you are sainsŵn. rhifau ydych chi ac and not numbers. you are poembody electric. sainsŵn is paraseit. sainsŵn is language and action. is host/ westeiwr . malevolent audio systems. invite you become parasite. Ruben Marino Tolosa Ruben is an autodidact (self-taught), onlooker and nature born melomaniac. Ruben has devoted himself to researching a new genre: radio art and its consequence, sound. He created the radio show M E T A L "a new sphere": a musical and sound synthesis of a wide spectrum of genres. The Radio is Vital Marina (DJ Set) Projections Line-up: foto.sensitive Visual artist working in generative and procedural ways to create real-time, reactive visuals full of liminal spaces and strange visitors emerging from a mercurial soup of generative noise. Billissippi Projectionist exploring 1930’s animation to 1970’s video synthesis mixed with self shot video and found footage. Setup: - Candlelit, floor seating setup and sleeping mats and blankets provided. - Selected works from local visual artists - Location to be released on day - Food & bar onsite + funky treats + chai - Mulled wine and cider!! - Complimentary canapes for those who arrive before 10pm - £4 entry after 11pm - Wear comfortable warm clothes and bring your own blanket if needed - Outdoors chillout area //// permutated compositions, site responsivity, deconstructed rhythms, missing fundamentals, severe interdependence, and retrograding structures. in these cascading layers of auto-destruction, the work dismantles the symbol to observe its irregularities and the resulting sound-image, untangling it from the linear bondage of language. decomposing and recomposing the material to reveal the latent features which persist despite this ongoing decontextualization.
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