Studio mit Konrad Dycke, Esko, Sciarada

  • STUDIO presents : Konrad Dycke Piano teacher, producer, live-mixer and DJ. He started to play the piano by the age of 6, and took lessons of classical music until 17. At 14, he started playing the trumpet and at 16, producing electronic music. He is working as an audio engineer since 2010 and was part of many productions with a big variety of musical styles and magnitude. In the last 10 years, he played with many bands and musicians, and learned the basics of instruments like drums, base, guitar, and different percussion instruments. His style of production is inspired by the music he did in the past, using a lot of melody and harmony, which also can be found in his diversified, dramatic sets. *** We are 2G Vaccine or Recover Document. You need a registration over the Luca App. Please make sure to use an FFP2 in all areas apart from your designated table. As always, respect the distance restrictions at the bars and always take care of yourself and the other guests! No Racism. No Sexism. No Homophobia. No Transphobia. No Discrimination of any kind. Please respect our no photo policy.
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