Endless Return x Hard Vibing: No Hard Feelings

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  • Endless Return + Hard Vibing Present NO HARD FEELINGS October 30th, 2021 Saturday 10pm, SGT Endless Return is a regenerative rave experiment borne out of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Capitalizing upon its decentralized nature, the rave has platformed many local and international acts around the region by live-streaming video art, remote performances and live DJ sets. In its persistence of being, Endless Return has occurred a total of four times. Although the spirit of the rave is enduring, Endless Return eschews a formulaic approach, seeking to cultivate novel frameworks for experiencing art and music. No Hard Feelings will be the fifth incarnation of the rave series in an unhinged new collaboration with local hardstyle collective and label ‘Hard Vibing’ dropping on the eve of halloween at 10pm. Hard Vibing was launched in early 2020 in the wake of the pandemic, Hard Vibing exists to boost the subcultures of Hardstyle and Hard Dance in Singapore. With a growing roster of local, like-minded DJs and producers, they have constructed their own network that propagates these harder sounds. Despite our claims that we were ditching the virtual rave format, with the current increase in pandemic restrictions, local cases and universal suffering, we feel called to deliver a dose of the sacred and profane to lift everyone’s spirits. This October, the hardstyle rebels of Hard Vibing are here to help us touch god and get in touch with our feelings. Endless Return has also put together a performance mash-up featuring friends of the rave Josh and Noah in collaboration with XUE. We’ve also completely ditched Zoom in favor of streaming on Twitch because we are really bad at using Zoom and none of you like turning on your front camera anyway. We also tried to get some $$$ from the NAC to fund an IRL rave situation but that didn’t pan out either (state funding for the arts is a complete scam!). Endless Return is truly an initiative for the people. So … we’re back, badder and madder than ever. RAVE, RAGE, REPEAT! STREAM: https://www.twitch.tv/3ndlessreturn