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    Cage, Subculture Postpunk, Katred, Winternute
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  • Friday October 29th, we are presenting a special EBM and Techno Body Music livestream, featuring Cage from Svmmon and Procession in NYC, Subculture Postpunk (all vinyl set), our resident DJ Katred of False Prophet Seattle, and we're happy to welcome back DJ Wintermute of Cenotype! It's sure to be a great night of new and old Body Music! More info down below! -------------------------------------- Join us on for this event. You do not need an account to watch, but you will need to create one to join the chat! DJ lineup in order of appearance (set times and info below): Cage Subculture Postpunk Katred DJ Wintermute ------------------------------------- Cage [SVMMON/Procession, NYC] 8-9 PM EST / UTC-4 Cage is the resident DJ for two of NYC's premiere monthly dark music parties: Procession (est. 2015) and Svmmon (est. 2016). He also hosts his own successful channel on Twitch with various regular shows throughout the month. Cage has also produced remixes for: Angelspit, Chelsea Wolfe, and Cult of Alia. Originally from the UK, he has been a regular DJ fixture in the NYC darkwave scene since the 90's and has also DJ'd in Canada, the UK, and Germany as well as performing in numerous darkwave acts both in the US and Europe. Cage was also a staff writer for Industrial Nation magazine for many years and worked at several alternative music labels from the early 90's through the 2000's and was even the publicist for Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson at one point. Subculture Postpunk [CT] 9-10 PM EST / UTC-4 Brad Rhodes has been a DJ since the late 80's, first on college radio, then as a resident DJ at various nightclubs in Providence, RI and Boston, MA, and has spun in Chicago, NYC and Florida. He currently hosts a weekly vinyl only post-punk, new wave, industrial and synth show every Friday and Wednesday on Twitch called Subculture Postpunk. Katred [Interference Radio, NY] 10-11 PM EST / UTC-4 Katred throws analog EBM synth loops, irreverent electro-minimalism, and harsh industrial techno beats into cathartic dance floor mixes. She spent a decade spinning queer-punk disco parties around Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood and co-founded False Prophet, a monthly dark dance night with Sharlese Metcalf, former I/R guest. She currently resides in Upstate NY and can be found spinning at Blackout Dance Party in Hudson during non-Corona times. She is also an Interference Radio resident, playing the third Friday of every month on our channel. DJ Wintermute [NJ, Cenotype/ QXT’s Night Club] 11PM-12AM EST / UTC-4 DJ Wintermute began his career in the late 90s at various NYC clubs, such as the Limelight, Flamingo East, Seho, the Rubber Monkey Fetish parties, and the Pyramid. The early 2000s saw him playing live keys for the New Jersey Elektro Industrial outfit, Life Cried, and starting to explore various guest spots in New Jersey at QXT’s, Düvel, Conduit, and various parties in Philly, to name a few. Through DJing and his increased interest in Rhythmic Noise and Power Noise, he started his solo project, Cenotype. He played his first of many Cenotype shows at QXTs in 2002. DJ Wintermute became a weekly resident of the legendary Blasphemy Saturday party at QXT’s in 2002 and was involved with countless amazing QXT’s events and shows and also helped to promote for both Friday and Saturday nights until 2008, when he took a brief break from DJing. He rejoined the QXT’s staff as a Friday night Resident DJ in Area 51 in 2012. --------------------------------- Interference Radio is a Twitch channel featuring a multitude of resident and guest DJs/artists spinning Dark & Industrial Techno, EBM, and Techno-Industrial. Please follow us on Twitch and turn on the notification bell to receive word of when our channel is live. Thanks for your support! Instagram: @interference_radio
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