Space Dimension Controller [3hr set] ⥊ + Many More ⥊ Club_nacht ⥊ Halloween_nacht

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    Space Dimension Controller (R & S Records / Ninja Tune / Dekmantel / Aus Music) RM 1: SDC [3 hour DJ set] Archives Ellie x Becca x Emily [debut] RM 2: hwts NUTS Polka Dot Disco Club QMTS Subject. Tais-Toi RM 3: Aidan Mitchell Cameron Riley Harrison Koffman Harry Jackson PDDC Zak Nicol
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  • To celebrate Halloween, the biggest night out of the year, we're delighted to bring you none other than Belfast's Space Dimension Controller! Space Dimension Controller is Mr. 8040 from a planet called Mikrosector-50. OK, he might not be, but his musical storytelling is so evocative you'll be happy to believe him anyway. His highly conceptual style is as cinematic and widescreen as the film music he once dreamed of making. It has given rise to critically acclaimed albums on R&S and Ninja Tune and always soundtracks self-penned and emotional stories of space flight, cosmic exploration and intergalactic adventures. His music is an absorbing mix of electro-funk, 80s pop, acid house, sci-fi ambient and astral disco that is both cerebral yet propulsive. Stellar local support for this one across three rooms! Lass Uns Party Machen!


  • Space Dimension Controller [3hr set] ⥊ + Many More ⥊ Club_nacht ⥊ Halloween_nacht - Flyer front