Papa Loko: Tantra Sonika with Überhaupt & Außerdem, Othon & Tigox. Sonic alchemy by FutureSound


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Papa Loko: Tantra Sonika with Überhaupt & Außerdem, Othon & Tigox. Sonic alchemy by FutureSound

Fri, 3 Dec
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    Überhaupt & Außerdem (UK Debut), Othon & TiGoX
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  • Cosmic Techno // Dreamy House // Ecstatic Electronica We are psyched to announce that Papa Loko is officially back and with its vision stronger than ever! Together with you, our artists and the alchemists of FutureSound, we aim to take our whole concept of sound, love & consciousness to the next level! In our tradition in bringing you UK debuts by some of the most promising acts on the scene, we will present you with Berlin’s exquisite duo Überhaupt & Außerdem. Loko’s soul carriers Othon & TiGoX will spread sonic bliss on the floor and FOLD will provide us with the perfect fluid playground and stellar sound system we all love! Please read more, come prepared and dive deep with us! Sound + Intention + Love + Dance = ? Sound creates and sound destroys. Sound can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and vibrationally. One track shared at the right time on the dancefloor can bring us to tears or bliss - just like that! Creating, sharing and using sound intentionally can take a simple vocal uttering and turn it to a magical powerhouse that can even change water’s molecular structure. As we are all made mostly of water, it makes one wonder what the untapped power of intentional sound truly is! Add Loko’s love flow and ecstatic dancing to the mix and we have a recipe for something beyond spacetime! Join us in the quest of creating super-conscious party experiences led by love, intention and sound and let’s see where this experiment takes us! Papa invites FutureSound We are over the moon to initiate a collaboration with FutureSound, a cutting edge platform focusing on the effects of electronic music, AI, altered states & ancient wisdom on our being. Together we will co-curate sonic interventions and opening ceremonies in which we can all bathe in sacred sound, become raving co-creators and witness party history on the making! FutureSound, founded by Jimmy Kyriacou, has collaborated and presented the work of sound healers, pioneers, visionaries and futuristic fashion designers such as Tony Andrews, Matthew Bennett, Ari Peralta, Anouk Wipprecht, Jayne HighTimes and Papa Loko’s founder Othon. Conscious DJing Taking our sonic mission further, we will now be collaborating on different levels with our artists making sure that only the most inspired and sublime sounds make it to the dancefloor and that all else is consciously filtered out. We will also work further on extracting purer gold from our own special talent that has defined so beautifully Loko’s uncompromisingly multidimensional sound. Lova Lova & togetherness Together we have always welcomed and nourished vibes of openness, acceptance, self-expression, queerness, fluidity, respect and most of all LOVE. This has been the unspoken contract between us and you who have played as much a role in creating the signature Papa vibes. Just remember to bring these vibes with you each time you come to the space together with your conscious intentions and coolest of attitudes! Opening Ceremony hosted by FutureSound   We will start the event with an immersive sound bath and meditation circle, allowing you to ‘arrive’ in the ‘Temple’ with the intention of experiencing the most beautiful time together, let go of whatever holds you back in the outside world and be open to healing, fun and transformation. The session will be led by Jayne HighTimes & Jimmy Kyriacou (FutureSound) who will use the power of the breath, a mesmerising sonic immersion and the deep healing sounds of the alchemy crystal bowls in order to allow you to connect with yourself and everyone around you - finding each other at an event that combines the power of music and conscious expansion. Cosmic Cult Papa Loko’s core spiritual family known as the Field Group, will continue working regularly within and outside the club environment in bringing us luminous vibes from inside out. Our work is focused on self and collective transformation by returning ‘home’ to the infinite power-source of whom we truly are. One of the Field Group’s main objectives is to help removing lifelong accumulated distortions, in the form of thought patterns, belief systems, habits etc that mask our true nature and so reveal the brilliance of our own Spirit. If you would like to join our meditation, chanting, visualisation & prayer circle, drop us a line! Loko Familia Tickets As previously, there will be an allocated number of 20 free tickets, which will be given to those of you who are truly not able to buy one. Please let us know by fb or insta message and we will try to help! Artwork by Adrian Callejas @eltripador  Come as You Are and Leave as You Would Like to Be
  • Papa Loko: Tantra Sonika with Überhaupt & Außerdem, Othon & Tigox. Sonic alchemy by FutureSound - Flyer front