re:flect with beatrice, Marsch, Ræza, technoslave_69 & More


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re:flect with beatrice, Marsch, Ræza, technoslave_69 & More

Kulturhaus Kili
Sat, 16 Oct
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    beatrice, ciaocacao, Decent, Marsch, Nona, RÆZA, technoslave_69, wyfe material
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  • Saturday October 16th, 2021 Kulturhaus Kili 23:00 - 9:00 Four months after founding re:flect, we are throwing our very first party! A special occasion, a special line up. Besides the re:flect residents ciaocacao, Decent, Nona and wyfe material, four more extraordinary artists will provide you with hypnotising, groovy and spheric sound experiences. With technoslave_69 and Marsch (female:pressure), we’ve invited the two artists who were first introduced on our platform and are among the most promising artists of Europe's young techno scene. In addition, we serve you beatrice (rawmantique) and RÆZA (rawmantique | Klangangriff) - one of the hottest b2b dream teams of modern energetic techno. It's gonna be fast, it's gonna be wild, it's gonna be cute. In the Kulturhaus Kili we’ve found a more than adequate location after many intense experiences and beautiful memories as well as due to its cultural and political approach. Besides the dancefloor, equipped with a proper all surround sound system, a second room as a chill area as well as the outdoor area will be open. In addition to exuberant and hedonistic get-togethers and musical ecstasy, our event - and all those that follow - is intended to realise the collective’s socio-political aspirations. No Sexism! No LGBTQIA+phobia! No Racism! No Anti-Semitism! No hate or discrimination in any form! No phones on the dancefloor if avoidable. Much Love <3 To make safer clubbing as real as possible, an awareness team will be on site. If you experience or observe inappropriate behaviour, please report it to the bar staff, wardrobe staff or organisers. They will immediately call the awareness team to resolve the situation. To ensure a harmonious party experience, we also ask you to be mindful of each other and your consumption. We’re already fckn excited about this first edition of re:flect! Capacity is limited to 190 ppl, so get your tixxx NOW! ______________________ 2G EVENT ______________________ LINE UP [in alphabetical order] beatrice b2b RÆZA ciaocacao b2b Nona Decent Marsch technoslave_69 wyfe material
  • re:flect with beatrice, Marsch, Ræza, technoslave_69 & More - Flyer front