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  • Drop in for T and some very special space disco biscuits, cooked up by the Red Bull Music Academy and Resident Advisor. If you have yet to be impressed by Jack Dunning aka Untold, you haven't been paying attention in bass class this last year. The man behind Hemlock Recordings has been around for a while now - fifteen years to be more precise and with tracks like Anaconda (a sure shot in both open-minded dancehalls and the critics’ best-of lists), it looks like practice makes perfect. Also releasing on both Hotflush and Hessle Audio, as well as Fabric’s Elevator Music, he channels influences ranging from US garage to grime, to bring a truly unique, percussive bass sound that’s causing dancefloor mayhem around the globe. As far as we're concerned, we certainly don't want to stop this feeling! One of the key figures in crossing the sounds of techno and dubstep, Paul Rose aka Scuba is one of the pivotal figures on the triple B axis of Bristol, Berlin and bass - running Hotflush Records in Bristol, running the Sub:stance night at Berlin's Berghain club, and bringing plenty of bass in either case. Along the way he's finding time to produce some groundshaking tracks and take them to places around the world. Mike Slott is a nomadic soul and future-looking producer who's lived in Chicago, Glasgow, Dublin and now resides in Harlem, New York City. Mike is from a notable lineage of musical pioneers, with his father being the first major label jazz signing in Ireland. His brother was signed to Sony BMG at age 17, and even his cousin is an ex-member of Ireland's most successful golden-era hip hop group. He has released two 45's under his solo moniker on Dublin's hip hop cornerstone All City records, as well as four EP's along with maverick cohort Hudson Mohawke, and a collaboration with interstellar soul-searcher Muhsinah. This musical journeyman may wander off the well-worn path, but always manages to find his way home. With old school-friend Roly, Jamie forms half of Vex’d. Their 2005 LP Degenerate cemented them as stalwarts on Planet Mu’s roster and key protagonists of the bass music scene. Sonically exploring how Blade Runner would sound through a blender, Vex’d became best known for their forceful tracks like Lion VIP, which appeal as much to breakcore enthusiasts as to dubstep fans; an influence stemming from their penchant for metal. A move from the UK to Berlin has meant a break from shared studio time but deutsche audiences haven’t complained, with Jamie going alone to gleefully agitate new sets of eardrums. Relocating hasn’t quashed Jamie’s production output either with a new EP under a new name, Kuedo. As ever, he tests your neck muscles with his punchy beats and lashings of sub bass. Hiatus adjourned the two Vex’d men have been back in the studio to build a second album. If your system is strong enough, get ready to shake! Marco Passarani is a global 4/4 superhero. He’s DJed the whole Champions League of techno superclubs from Fabric to Berghain, and released his music on seminal labels such as Peacefrog, Rephlex and Skam. With his Finalfrontier studio and labels Nature and Pigna, he’s also been at the forefront of the Italian scene from day uno, fostering local talents like Alan1, Raiders Of The Lost ARP, and D’Arcangelo, and transforming the tradition of Detroit techno and Chicago house into a unique sound of its own. Pass a rani pon di left hand side! FREE ADMISSION!
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