Kojobesia x So Extra Berlin – Tag der Clubkultur

  • Venue
    • Alt Stralau 70; Friedrichshain; 10245 Berlin; Germany
  • Date
    Sun, 3 Oct 2021
    22:00 - 07:00
  • Attending
    • 5
  • ̸


    SO EXTRA FLOOR: Fhat (Live) Chippy Nonstop Ariesfallenangel Seven Angels Ceekayin2u KOJOBESIA FLOORS: Hanaby Meg10 Ukai Ndame Tanisha B2B Nay Honey
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  • Welcome to the Kojobesia x So Extra Berlin fundraiser party in support of the LGBTQI+-community in Ghana and part of Tag der Clubkultur. Kojobesia x So Extra Berlin is the after party of the Kill the Bill Kiki Ball. This is an event in collaboration with So Extra Berlin, The5elements & Wilde Renate. All proceeds at the door go to the non-profit-organization ALL OUT to raise awareness about the recently proposed anti-LGBTQI+ bill in Ghana and to raise funds in support of the fight against it. Because together we are stronger. If the anti-LGBTQI+ bill becomes Ghanaian law, LGBTQI+ people in Ghana will be at risk to be sentenced to five years of prison just for being who they are. Anyone who is promoting LGBTQI+ rights in the public or helping LGBTQI+ matters could face a sentence of tens years of prison. It is also the aftershow party of the Kill the Bill Kiki Ball: https://www.facebook.com/events/947557825798473 Get the combined ticket! Clubnight with 2G-rule! You have to provide a prove of covid vaccination or recovery. So Extra Berlin is part of TAG DER CLUBKULTUR "Ein Club ist Gemeinschaft ist Vielfalt ist Nähe ist ein Experiment. Ein Club ist Veränderung ist Freiheit ist Widerstand und Kultur. Ein Club ist immer neu und für alle da. Ein Club ist ein Club.”
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