DISCOPUSSY Friday with Amtrac

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    Amtrac DJ Shaun, Midnight Affair
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  • DISCOPUSSY SATURDAYS W/ AMTRAC DJ Shaun, Midnight Affair FRI | 10PM AMTRAC - The purest approach produces the most authentic outcome. Amtrak favors a tactile assembly of alternative electronic music reliant on handcrafted nuance akin to that of a band. The Kentucky-born and Los Angeles-based artist, DJ, producer, remixer multi-instrumentalist, and founder of Openers carefully fuses textures and styles into an unabridged, unfiltered, and undeniable sonic trip on his aptly titles second full-length, Oddyssey [Openers/RCA Records]. As such, he imparts a piece of himself on every moment -- from the production and composition to the vocals and performance. "The goal is for the music to feel pure," he affirms. "It's not like I'm cutting corners. I put a lot of time into creating a deliberate body of work. It's definitely for me first, and it tells a story."
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