Layton Giordani [Drumcode] / Bart Skils [Drumcode] / Prøvost [Tragedie]

  • Layton Giordani & Bart Skils [Drumcode] Techno Brooklyn presents two of Drumcode's techno powerhouses on the same bill: Layton Giordani & Bart Skils. Layton Giordani A true artist in every sense of the word, Layton Giordani stands firmly as one of the most popular tastemakers of techno’s new school, with his pioneering musical vision serving as a contemporary voice for the younger generation Bart Skils Always one step ahead of the game, Bart Skils has established himself as one of Holland’s most respected and highly demanded techno dj’s. His dj sets are celebrated by techno lovers as extremely forward thinking and musically well constructed. Additional Details. This event is 21+ only. Doors open at 10:00pm on 10/23/21. Location 70 Scott Ave.
  • Layton Giordani [Drumcode] / Bart Skils [Drumcode] / Prøvost [Tragedie] - Flyer front