Slugs 'n' Disco

  • Venue
    Crack Bellmer
    • Revaler Strasse 99; 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain; Berlin; Germany
  • Date
    Wed, 6 Oct 2021
    22:00 - 06:00
  • Promoter
    Crack Bellmer
  • Attending
    • 4
  • ̸


    Yusuf Lemone, Yannick Dixken
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  • A new baby is born... Slugs n Disco An event for lovers and dreamers hosted by Yusuf Lemone every 2nd month in the beautiful environment of crack bellmer. Listen to Yusuf himself who plays from slow hypnotic but forward going sounds to classic disco tunes that make you fall in love with life. In the past years he released music on labels like kindish, copycow, something slow and many more and always transmits a feeling of easiness in his sets. At the first Slugs n Disco he invited his friend Yannick Dixken, a very skilled allrounder who played at Festivals like Wilde Möhre, Zurück zu den Wurzeln and many more and calls Rummels Bucht Berlin his home club and playground. Yannicks style varies from playtime, location and mood. He is a passionate music maker who improvises on the fly showing of his mixing skills or pumping out live performances with various musicians. We are happy to celebrate the kick off with all of you slugs! Please bring a digital proof of your 2G status (or we cannot let you in )
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