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    • B1/F 265 Nan Dan Dong Lu Xu Jia Hui, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi China 200126
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    Fri, 24 Sep 202121:00 - 04:30
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    Shun aka 瓢瓢 / Tutu / chuan / 小喇叭
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  • There is a dark, pulsing basement in the north, where Elevator sometimes sneaks into to gather inspiration and dance with it's eyes closed in the center-back of the dancefloor, to the perpetually mind-blowing selections of gifted resident DJs. The club is Zhao Dai. Welcoming it back to Shanghai after marathon previous episodes with Slowcook, T.K.L., Lyu Zhi-Qiang and Knopha, we are preparing open ears and extra cases of Mate for a twisting trip with Shun aka 瓢瓢and Tutu - both played some of our favorite sets at Zhao Dai's festival and sent them to the top of our wish lists, can't wait to hear what they bring. Support from phenomenal local digger boys Chuan and 小喇叭。 👀 北京招待所,电梯的梦中情人,蹦迪人心中永远的爱将要再次登陆电梯!🥰 📅标记好大家的跳舞日程,招待所的实力驻场们:Shun aka 瓢瓢 带来她如同春天般舒适又不乏力量的set; Tutu将带来她振奋人心的跳舞音乐!😇 ⛰️ 上海本地的深耕男孩们Chuan和小喇叭将提供同场支援 👦
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