• To help celebrate Helen's birthday, Lamerica has invited two of Europe's best DJ's to come together to join Wales' finest to provide a soundtrack of real house European style! What better venue to celebrate than at Wish. Lamerica is delighted to welcome the return of firm favourite, Luis Radio. Luis has sustained a Saturday night residency in Rome for 10 years, 2 years at Club Horus and 8 years at Club Goa, voted in 2004 as one of the best clubs in Europe. The professionalism and the seriousness shown in his job don't stop beside a DJ booth, Luis built his own recording studio and later in 1997 together with Maurizio Clemente created two new record labels, Equal and Nitro Records. Recently Luis has been working in the studio with Barbara Tucker for two new songs and now he is looking to release Production Number 100 on his label before the end of 2006. Lamerica is also pleased to introduce Franco De Mulero. Franco De Mulero is also undoubtedly one of the major key players in pioneering this spectrum of house across Spain and Europe. His style of music ranges from lounge, jazz, smooth, deep, disco and soulful house music. Holding residency for Savannah Club, Franco released his first compilation under its banner to much critical acclaim. Dress Code Applies
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