Smoke Machine presents Italoboyz

  • Italoboys [Get Physical|Mother Ship] London A fusion of classical and modern aesthetics combining orchestral music, opera vocals with house and techno music. Italoboyz is formed by Marco Donato & Federico Marton, two Italians who now live in London. Aside from being under the spotlight of electronic music scene, they've played at Germany's Love Parade and Japan's Wire 10. This year they've been invited to perform at Detroit's DEMF, along with their first world tour which brings them here to Taiwan. Their DJ skills and music quality has been highly praised in numerous underground techno/minimal clubs Jimmy Chen Jimmy Chen created many high points in his 20 years DJ career, playing with numerous international DJs. He insists on the quality of music. His style changed from early 90's Soulful House to Tribal House to the current Minimal Tech House. His mixing style is smooth and steady. The clubbers not only feel the beat pulsing in their bodies, they also feel the joy and hope of soulful faith. During much of his glorious days, Jimmy sticked to his passion for music and experienced many ups and downs of Taipei's club scene. These achievements are transformed in to Jimmy's motivation to move on, creating many heavenly swaying moments for the clubbers Marco Wollenberg Marco Wollenberg aka Soundsquash from Germany has DJed for 12 years. Aside from performing in many clubs in Europe, his amazing DJ skills are always impressive, wooing numerous clubbers.
  • Smoke Machine presents Italoboyz - Flyer front