Time Warp Mannheim

  • Dear Time Warp Family and friends, we're finally back and we can't wait to see you! After more than two years we will be reuniting on the dance floor at our home base at the Maimarkthalle in Mannheim. We are incredibly happy to have the opportunity to be able to present this event to you. It was a long way to finally make this happen, and we can't wait to see your energy on the dance floor. Over 2 nights we will present you one stage with the core of the Time Warp experience: crisp sound, acclaimed artists, and a unique light and floor design developed for this special occasion - the first dance together after 30 months. Please make sure to read the Covid-19 rules for this event on our website before buying your ticket! #dranbleibenBW Tickets: https://bit.ly/tw21_tickets Covid-19 Rules: https://bit.ly/tw21_covid_info
  • Time Warp Mannheim - Flyer front