H13 Festival (3G) [Day 1 - Day 3]

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    Myler (Molekül/Rave Alert) ◊ Vanessa Sukowski (𝗘𝗤𝗨𝗜𝗩𝗔𝗟𝗘𝗡𝗧) ◊ Franz Scala (Slow Motion/Wrong Era) ◊ Freudenthal (Rausch&Flausch/Feinstoff) ◊ Nuria (Fhainest) ◊ ALXJ (Staygold Music, Bar25) ◊ Mad Hattress (OG Overground Music) ◊ Yami (OG Overground Music) ◊ Just Mo (OG Overground Music) ◊ Balkhausen (Rausch&Flausch/KANVAS) ◊ MASJA (LOVERDOSE) ◊ Gianni Noel (Kanvas) ◊ Trancemaster Krause (Katana/Erotic Sentimentalism) ◊ Alex Friday (Demolition Collektiv) ◊ Bazeja (DCMB) ◊ Theologos (Kommune Weidenweg) ◊ Sven F (Hedomanie / ART|DICCTION ) ◊ Momentum (Section8) ◊ DJ HENTAI (Laut) ◊ bobo (Rausch&Flausch) ◊ Nowhere People Live (Blaufield Music) ◊ Marc Möller (Laut) ◊ Michael Gubaew (Kanvas) ◊ Tour øf Soul (Kommune Weidenweg) ◊ Julian Theisen (Kanvas) ◊ Haram Groove (Rausch&Flausch) ◊ Error A (Neutrum) ◊ Kø:lab (Rausch&Flausch) ◊ Schicktanz (Raveletics) ◊ Alis.Sarah Hauser (Symbiotikka) ◊ Nanno (Rausch&Flausch/Elysion) ◊ Ralli (Rausch&Flausch) ◊ Yannick Weineck (dasMoment) ◊ Enantion (Psychedelic Theatre) ◊ ROKO (Rausch&Flausch) ◊ Nussi (Raveletics) ◊ Aurka (Stil vor Talent/ANIMA) ◊ Patty DGTL (Neue Urbane Welten e.V.) ◊ CadihPeter Noster (Raveletics) ◊ Ephy Pinkman ◊ Basshirte (Tanz im Zenit) ◊ ChéRebel (Tanz im Zenit) ◊ Marcel Machedanz (Neue Urbane Welten e.v) ◊ Wiebe Roose (Hedomanie / ART | DICCTION) ◊ Pabel (Sarasvati) ◊ 𝔰𝔞𝔢𝔲𝔢𝔯 (Rausch&Flausch/Rave Alert) ◊ DJ FATBOY (Laut) ◊ Christopher Kono (Rausch&Flausch)
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  • H13 Festival with H13, Rausch und Flausch, OG Overgroundmusic, Kanvas, Art Dicction Welcome to our beautiful open air venue H13 - HASELHORST13! Due to the latest experience with the new nighttime limitation at H13 we can't provide loud music during night. Volume will be reduced between 10pm - 8:30am but the DJs won't stop. We will present you an alternative program including live music, ambient-music, workshops, outside games, laser shows, fire shows, art performances and more! We proudly present our dear friends from Art Dicction, hosting the riverside area "Garten der Hedomanie” during the whole weekend as a third dance floor and chill-out paradise. They will also host a Pre Party during the Art Dicction open air on Thursday 16.09.2021 at our venue! https://www.facebook.com/events/538218487443359/ Please stay tuned for more information & updates regarding the hygiene concept. Right now, it looks like we are able to open under the following rules: ►Bring your daily negative test (3G Regel - Geimpft, Genesen oder Getestet!) ►If you are vaccinated or fully recovered pls bring your proof documents! (not older then 6 months) ►Registration via Corona Warn App at the door required ►Please wear your medical mask at the entry and while standing in lines ►We will work with the current regulations, but need to be flexible in case there will be new changes. We will keep you updated! ►Please be aware that we are doing our best to create a save and corona friendly party – don’t hesitate to remind others when breaking restrictions ►!NO NAZI SHIT! NO RACISM! NO SEXISM!! ZERO TOLERANCE 🅃🄸🄲🄺🄴🅃 🅂🄰🄻🄴 URL: https://bit.ly/h13-festival 10€ Freitag Ticket: Friday/Saturday 6pm -12pm 15€ Samstag Ticket: Saturday/Sunday 8am -12pm 10€ Sonntag Ticket: Sunday 8am -10pm 25€ Wochenende Ticket: Friday 6pm to Sunday 10pm Stages: H13 https://www.instagram.com/h3zehn/ KANVAS Berlin https://www.instagram.com/kanvas.berlin/ ART|DICCTION https://www.instagram.com/artdicction/ Rausch&Flausch https://www.instagram.com/flauschrausch3000/
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