Perrydise x LTMD - Ante Perry, Daniel Jaeger

  • When summer is at its best ☀️ the sunrays tickle our noses 👃🏽 and we hear 👂🏽 the sound of breathtaking bass in the distance 🔊 we know that Perrydise 🦩 is coming back to town 🏘 *** The basic concept (dining🍴dancing 💃🏽 disco🕺🏼) is familiar to most of you, but there are two changes from the last times - the location📍& the co-organisers 💯 - LessTalkingMoreDancing 🤫 *** This time, 🌟Perrydise x LTMD🌟 will take place on the waterfront of the Spree, on the beach beside Jannowitzbrücke 🚂 We scheduled the whole thing for a Sunday so that we could make the most of the weekend. *** 🥃Jägermeister enchants us again 🔊Rhythmic beats that will pleasure you throughout the day will be provided by: 🔥Ante Perry 🔥Daniel Jaeger 🔥Kaiser Kuba 🔥Fonzy provide Doesn’t that sound delicious?🤤 So come on and let the weekend really wind down, because we never know what autumn will bring us 🙌🏽
  • Perrydise x LTMD - Ante Perry, Daniel Jaeger - Flyer front