Epochē #6

  • Epochē, in Greek philosophy, “suspension of judgment,” a principle originally espoused by nondogmatic philosophical Skeptics of the ancient Greek Academy who, viewing the problem of knowledge as insoluble, proposed that, when controversy arises, an attitude of noninvolvement should be adopted in order to gain peace of mind for daily living. 🏛 Strictily Idris b2b Kaloustian https://soundcloud.com/strictlyidris https://soundcloud.com/cyrilkaloustian 🏛 Eulalie b2b DALOG https://soundcloud.com/eulalie-cocquerelle https://soundcloud.com/da_log 🏛 Joe Night https://soundcloud.com/joe-night-4 Special edition : Kaloustian will celebrate his birthday!
  • Epochē #6 - Flyer front
    Epochē #6 - Flyer back