Monom Autumn Series - C.P.I. presents Sonido y Símbolo Live

  • MONOM AUTUMN SERIES - C.P.I. presents Sonido y Símbolo LIVE 18.09.2021 Doors open at 16h30 MONOM Entry: 15€ Nalepastr.18, 12459, Berlin MONOM's first event in one year welcomes the AUTUMN SERIES. A series of events happening through Autumn invites a wide range of artists to do a one-week residency using MONOM's 4DSOUND System culminating in a concert presented by the end of their residency week. C.P.I is Marc Piñol, a staple in Barcelona’s electronic scene, who teamed up with Berlin’s Hugo Capablanca. The first artists to create a concert for the AUTUMN SERIES on Saturday September, 18th. Join us in one of the three live concerts by C.P.I.. The series is proudly supported by The Richard Thomas Foundation. The MONOM Bar Nexo Sound System was completely reconfigured. We invite you to experience the late-night session after the live concerts. TICKET INFORMATION LIMITED CAPACITY CONSIDERING THE CURRENT COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS. PROGRAM SCHEDULE & DETAILS 1st session 17:00h-19:00h 2nd session 19:00-21:00h 3rd session 21:00-23:00h +++ About C.P.I. About C.P.I. and their first Album 'Alianza'. C.P.I. is the collaborative effort from long-time Hivern Discs operative Marc Piñol, a staple in Barcelona’s underground electronic scene and one of its most revered DJs, and Berlin-based artist, DJ, and self-proclaimed dilettante, Hugo Capablanca who runs his somewhat iconic label Ediciones Capablanca. Bound by a shared love of drone luminaries, ’80s electronica experimentalists, early acid house adopters, mutant techno, and forward-thinking industrial sounds, the duo wrote their first Ep El Tunel/ Proceso in a whirlwind and, released in 2015 on John Talabot’s imprint, positioned themselves among the most talked club acts of the moment, earning both press and public acclaim with an innovative blend of their influences and modern production techniques that became easily distinguishable. In 2018 their sophomore Ep Meine Hand is released. That same year C.P.I. receives the prestigious RTF Foundation distinguishs grant and works for months in what consolidated in their debut album, Alianza. Released in 2020 to wide critical acclaim, the LP featured Anna Homler, Veronica Vasicka, and Spacemen 3 members, among others, and represented a pivotal shift in the duo’s creative output, leaving aside dancefloor concerns towards a fully immersive sound experience. In May 2021 C.P.I. performs their first-ever live show in Barcelona deconstructing Alianza. Ambient Blackout, the live recording of the show, is scheduled to be released this fall. For Sonido y Símbolo, C.P.I. will compose and present an entirely new work inspired by sound spatiality, music as an instrument of philosophical inquiry, and the dynamic symbol writings of Victor Zuckerkandl. +++ ABOUT 4DSOUND 4DSOUND is a studio exploring spatial sound as a medium. Since 2007, 4DSOUND has developed integrated hardware and software systems that provide a fully omnidirectional sound environment. These environments enable vivid sonic experiences that blur the boundaries between the real and the imagined: the world of sound we know, and a world beyond. Learn more about 4DSOUND technology. For more information please visit: PLEASE NOTE: We advise coming 30 minutes prior to the start of your sessions, guests will be not allowed entry during the sessions. Guests that are late can enter after the break or 20 minutes after the session begins. For the pleasure of everybody, please turn your mobile phones off. No smoking is allowed in the studio. No talking during the performances. You can move around and explore the sound environment or sit down, as you wish. Close your eyes for an intensified listening experience. Guests are welcome to leave at any time, but re-entry will not be permitted. Drinks from MONOM lounge are permitted in the studio. Please consider the current health guidelines. Don't come to the event if you are feeling unwell. *Current hygiene regulations are in effect during the event. *Proof of vaccination or negative Covid-19 tests are mandatory.
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