Optimo (All Night Long)


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Optimo (All Night Long)

Sat, 16 Oct
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    Optimo (all night long)
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  • 'Cult Heroes', Optimo, our favourite musical duo, roll through this Saturday. This will be their first time back at Phonox since their 2019 residency. Stealing the show at most events and festivals across the globe, the duo also produce under their own aliases, run imprint Optimo Music and stand as very important voices for our community. Since 1997, the club night Optimo (Espacio) had defined the musical landscape of Glasgow, and its influence spread far beyond the city. Described by some as the world’s greatest DJs, expect to have a smile put on your face when this legendary Glaswegian duo come to play. An all night set that what will be remembered long after the lights go up. "Phonox, Brixton. One of the greatest clubs anywhere in the world. Every time we played the energy was wild and seemed limitless. It just goes to show - "If you want to get out of it, you need to get INTO it" and PHONOX truly did. Maximum psyched to be back on this Saturday, all night long." Optimo Ahead of Saturday, JG Wilkes of Optimo sent across his current favourite tracks, warm up, peak time & closing tracks. Head to our website to check this out. Limited £5 tickets now available. www.phonox.co.uk
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