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  • Where Goth & Fetish unite in the Dungeon of INSOMNIA. Goth, 80s, Dark Wave, Synthpop, Punk, Deathrock, Industrial by DjAri (KitkatClub, WGT). Show: Kamasutra Ninja and Devil'S Crew BDSM-Gothic Party Price: 25€ per person incl. Coronatest* Finally! After more than 1,5 years we invite you to the big reopening with all the trimmings - dance floor, couples level, yakuzi, BDSM basement and cocktail bar. Meeting place for Masters & Slaves: - Whips - needles - bondage - Wax - Femdom - clinic In over 10 Playgrounds - clean & safe: St. Andrew's crosses, pillory, swing, saddle seat, prison, clinic play etc.... For now, unfortunately, only for 2G (vaccinated and recovered), which we as an inclusive club for ALL hedonists and free spirits expressly consider only as an urgently needed interim solution before the final return to normality. We roll out the red carpet for you from 10pm - but please plan enough time for the testing procedure before the party, because despite 2G we will test every guest to exclude vaccination breakthroughs. Admission only for vaccinated and recovered persons. Please get a daily updated test beforehand or register at www.coronatest.de for the free citizen test* at our club. It would be nice if you register as a visitor / user with the Luca App / Corona Warn App beforehand. Most restaurants in Berlin work with these apps and with a one-time registration you can then check in easily everywhere. You simply scan our QR code at the entrance - and you are already checked in. Alternatively and analogously, we of course also keep a list ready for entry. We have also rebuilt mightily and set up various mobile air purifiers, which are equipped with HEPA 14 filters and disinfecting UV-C radiation. You can also order at the bar again yourself and move through the club. You only have to put on the mask on the dance floor and when it gets a bit tighter while walking through the club, e.g. on the way to the toillette! *Only for tourists who stay longer than four days in Germany, otherwise 25€ for non-residents. We are looking forward to you!
  • Devil's - Flyer front