Groove Magazine presents Marcel Dettmann (Listening Places)

  • Venue
    • Colomierstraße 3, 14109 Berlin
  • Date
    Wed, 15 Sep 2021
    20:00 - 21:30
  • Promoter
    Groove Magazin
  • Attending
    • 65
  • GROOVE magazine presents Listening Places Taking electronic music to new places and locations Electronic music belongs into clubs and bars. On festival grounds. At the moment, this is only possible to a very limited extent. Therefore, we decided to organise a series of DJ concerts in order to bring the sound we all love to a variety of rather unexpected locations in Berlin: To Liebermann-Haus at Wannsee. To a parking garage on Müllerstraße in Wedding. To the Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque in Moabit. We invite DJs close to GROOVE’s heart to explore new spaces and new audiences. Marcel Dettmann, synonymous with Berghain in Friedrichshain, we’ve enlisted for a performance at Liebermann-Villa at Wannsee at the western border of the city. Cinthie, known for her colorful, hedonistic house sound, will play on the hard concrete of a parking garage in Müllerstraße in Wedding. DJ Gigola, passionate West-Berliner, will be exposed to the tourist hustle and bustle of Warschauer Straße. Lakuti, known for her genre-bending sets, will be playing on the former Berlin airfield, Tempelhofer Feld. Efdemin, at times making use of elements of Christian church music, will perform in an intercultural mosque. Radio Slave will appear in our editorial office as he pursues a somewhat intellectual approach to electronic music handling a wide range of genres and (pop-)cultural references. GROOVE’s modus operandi – excessive partying – is not possible at the moment. In these challenging times, we want to give you the opportunity to sit with us and solely focus on the music for an hour and a half. Therefore, all DJs will present their tracks unmixed, following the example of Japanese listening bars. We invite you to join in and let the music create a collective moment which is as unique as it is fleeting. We are evenly curious to hear the sounds Cinthie, Efdemin, Marcel Dettmann, DJ Gigola, Lakuti and Radio Slave will present to you and us. And of course, we are looking forward to seeing all of you on one of the evenings. Please be quick: Only 40 tickets are available for each evening, standard price is 15 euros each. Current Berlin Corona regulations for cultural events apply. Visitors must either provide proof of a completed vaccination or recovery or show a current test. Masks may only be removed at the seat.
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