Echtzeitfilmvertonung 狂った一頁 Okabre Plays A Page Of Madness


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Echtzeitfilmvertonung 狂った一頁 Okabre Plays A Page Of Madness

Fri, 17 Sep
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    Okabre consists of: Andreas Wahl – drums, flute Florian Graf – guitar, objects Günther Gessert – theremin, marxophone, guitar Manfred Rahofer – electronics Thomas A, Pichler – cellare, synth Rainer F. Fehlinger – vocals Aftershow DJ set: Translucid
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  • the collective Okabre writes and scores live alternative compositions for cinematic artworks. in their fourth film concert series, they dedicate themselves to the Nobel laureate in literature Yasunari Kawabata, who wrote the screenplay, and director Teinosuke Kinugasa. both were members of the literary avant-garde group Shinkankaku-ha. the film was thought to be lost until it was rediscovered in Kinugasa's warehouse in 1971. a visually screaming psychogram straight from the subconscious of being human. speechless and speechless-making. a forgotten pearl of the offbeat! please note: • no photos! • stay at home if you experience any symptoms of illness or have been in contact with people who have SARS Cov 2. you are not allowed to enter! • condition for admission is a negative certified daily corona test or proof of full vaccination protection or recovery. a valid identity document must be carried for comparison • no quick tests can be performed in front of the club • for the purpose of tracking in case of infection we will collect your contact details, wether via the corona- warnapp or the form on the tablet at the entrance • please wear a mask whenever you are not seated • there will be disinfectant in the entrance area, in the toilets and at the bar • check our telegram channel for recent information: sponsored by the federal government commissioner for culture and the media (BKM), initiative musik gGmbH within the framework of neustart kultur. ツ Please respect the boundaries of others and take care of your own. People who discriminate against others based on their origin, appearance, sexual orientation, gender, or anything else are not welcome.