CTM Festival 2022 – Contact

  • Hybrid 23rd edition // Part 1 » 19 January – 6 February // Part 2 » 24 – 29 May // Please note: The above listed lineup features all participating artists of CTM 2022 Part 1 and Part 2. Discover newly confirmed CTM 2022 Part Two acts via: https://www.ctm-festival.de/news/new-wave-of-ctm-2022-part-2-acts During the past three weeks we’ve collectively felt the shock of war breaking out in Ukraine, the heartbreak of witnessing increasing civilian casualties and refugees fleeing their homes, the scramble to find how each of us might be most useful in offering support, and the dissonance of keeping up with our jobs and daily lives while the war rages on just a day’s drive away from Berlin. At the same time, we continue to be motivated by the resistance of Ukrainians, and by the multitude of responses from people and communities worldwide. CTM Festival 2022 Part Two highlights our much-awaited return to immersive nights of music, and the joy of meeting old friends and new strangers on the dancefloor. Against the backdrop of the devastating war in Ukraine, which is likely to impact us for a long time, and which will call on our support and solidarity for a long time as well, we can only hope that such moments of celebration and togetherness will strengthen us and keep us striving for a kinder and more just society. » Theme One of the most important things that music and a music festival like CTM can bring about is contact – with diverse sonic worlds, communities, and experiences, but also between traditions, temporalities, geographies. As the social functions of music and festivals have been weakened, and as we grapple with a multiplicity of waves and meanings of »reopening,« CTM 2022 aims to highlight the importance of creating space for many forms of contact, and to reflect on their requirements. How can we revive, rethink, and strengthen music and its spaces of possibility for exchange and emotional resonance? Because without new and challenging forms of contact in the present, we cannot expect a more collective, just, and joyful future. Read more about the »Contact« theme via: https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2022/theme » Discourse Series CTM’s Discourse talk series focuses on multiple threads related to »Contact.« Having kicked-off with several online modules at CTM Part 1, the series will continue with hybrid in-person/streamed discussions running 25–28 May at Kunstquartier Bethanien. Learn more about the discourse programme via: https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2022/programme/theory/discourse-series » MusicMakers Hacklab The yearly MusicMakers Hacklab is a collaborative environment where participants work together during CTM Festival week to explore and realise new performance and musical ideas. Originally scheduled for January 2022, the Hacklab will now take place at CTM 2022 Part 2 in May and is hosted by Peter Kirn of CDM and Ariel William Orah of Soydivision and L-KW – a new open call is out. Apply until 20 March, 2022 via: https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2022/open-calls/musicmakers-hacklab-2022 » Festival Access and Passes Festival passes as well as tickets to most CTM 2022 Part 2 events are now on sale in limited quantities. Tickets to further events will become available shortly. Streamed content will be offered free of charge via CTM’s YouTube channel. Get your tickets and learn more via: https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2022/tickets Please check the Festival Access & Hygiene rules for detailed and current information on Covid-19 regulations. This page is updated regularly: https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2022/info/festival-access-and-hygiene-rules  Information on venue accessibility can be found here: https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2022/info/accessibility » Stand with Ukraine The CTM team is committed to supporting in various ways, and among other, will raise funds to support the people in Ukraine and those that had to flee the country, during the festival in May. More details will be given soon. If you haven’t already, we invite you to read our post on how to support Ukraine and Ukrainians via: https://www.ctm-festival.de/news/stand-with-ukraine » Credits CTM 2022 is funded by the Senate Department Department of Culture. Artwork by VOJD. Keep up to date with our latest news via our Telegram channel or CTM newsletter: https://www.ctm-festival.de/about/subscribe
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