Coloring Lessons 29 (W/ Musclecars All Night Long)

  • Dear Extended Family, We're so, so excited to be back at Le Bain for our special Fashion Week Edition of Coloring Lessons. Covid-19 Safety: We are following all local and state Covid-19 guidelines for fully vaccinated events, which will allow us to safely return to the dance floor without social distancing or mask requirements. Coloring Lessons will be a fully vaccinated space during the party, meaning all attendees (and staff) will need to show proof of vaccination to be in the space. Everyone must show proof that they’ve received their final vaccine dose no later than August 28th. You can use the Excelsior Pass app (on all smartphones) as proof of vaccination, or do a printout of your Excelsior pass on their website ( In order to not exclude our fam coming from out of town, you may also show your CDC vaccine card as proof of vaccination. Please note that you will need to present an official ID matching the name on your vaccination documents. While these implementations may all seem quite tedious, it’s a small sacrifice to help ensure the physical well being and peace of mind of all attendees, staff, and artists. This has truly been a difficult time for us all and we are so glad to finally be back together again. We understand that not everyone is ready to be back and we are all responding to things in a different way. Please be mindful of the space and those around us, as we are all trying to navigate the feelings that we have coming back to busy indoor spaces. Coloring Lessons has always been about creating a space where we can all be free, and we will all need to help foster that idea when we're back on the dance floor. Mindfulness and respect is key. If you can’t make it this weekend, or aren’t sure if/when you will feel comfortable being back in spaces without social distancing and mask requirements, that’s just fine. We have a lot of exciting events planned in the near future, and regardless we hope to see you soon. A few other things to note: - We don't tolerate any discrimination, harassment, violence, etc. of any kind. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any point during the night, come to the dj booth and let us know. - We don't exactly condone drug use, but we will have fentanyl test strips at the party as a safety measure, should they be needed. Feel free to come to the dj booth and ask for one (we'll give them to you no questions asked). - The party will hit capacity, so come early. - If you hit the RSVP, you should be good at the door, but again, come early as we will hit capacity. - 21+ with valid I.D. - Bring your dancing shoes. - Tip your bartenders. Can't wait to be back on the the dance floor with ya'll!
  • Coloring Lessons 29 (W/ Musclecars All Night Long) - Flyer front