Bleep & Klang

  • BPMF - LIVE BPMF (Jason Szostek) has been making electronic music since '84. With Dietrich Schoenemann and Taylor Deupree, BPMF assembled classic early 80s analog gear and as Prototype 909 they released "Acid Technology" on Instinct records; performed their first live show where they met Abe Duque who invited all of his techno friends to a back room at the legendary Limelight Club in NYC. BPMF brought records and gear jammed live with them. The Rancho Relaxo All-Stars would release three albums and tour Europe together even destroying the original Ultraschall in Munich, quite literally tearing the place down. With John Selway, BPMF channeled his love for the early electro and new wave sounds forming Synapse and creating Serotonin Records to bring the funk back and help give birth to the electro revival scene. Prototype 909 recorded four albums and played 70+ shows. BPMF released tracks on Serotonin, Schmer, Instinct, Analog/EMF, Tension/Rancho Relaxo Records. His approach to electronic music is hands on and experimental, so more than having a "sound" his music reflects his values: spontaneity and a sense of urgency. BPMF recently released tracks EMF, Bass Agenda, Is/Was, Mélodies Souterraines, Losers with Attitude, on Schmer and Serotonin and Telepathic Bubblebath.
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