0xhör: An Online Meta-Limbo Between Berlin and Taipei

  • Key players from the Taipei and Berlin underground scenes meet at the heady intersection of techno-animism, avatars and dystopian club music, combining forces to push the boundaries of virtual club culture.
  • After the successful collaboration with UNSOUND and Rewire Festival, 0xcore aims to host a series of online parties in its multiplayer gaming space and is committed to working with artists and communities worldwide. The 1st online party: 0xHÖR, is launched by 0xcore and is a collaboration between 0xcore and the Berlin HÖR radio. A fantastic line-up of transcendent, future-thinking experimental sounds, including Berlin-based artists: GIL, Why Be, Mobilegirl, Taipei-based artists: Meuko!Meuko! and Jon Du. Special guest Final Taipei, the director of Final, and club manager Tenga Babe will party with all of you. It’s time for a real Real-Live party, upload your soul and recreate your virtual-self in 0xcore.world.
  • 0xhör: An Online Meta-Limbo Between Berlin and Taipei - Flyer front