Hypnotic Mindscapes: Homecoming

  • On August 28, step back into the great sensorium of Hypnotic Mindscapes. Homecoming is our official return to Toronto’s sonic scene, which we will be marking with an otherworldly outdoor bacchanalia at Rainhard Brewery. Underneath the arching lunar orbit, lingering techno, house, and electro frequencies in the twenty-one-year penumbra of Y2K are channelled through a Danley Soundsystem pioneered by a former NASA scientist. The cosmonautic voyage docks off with the debut of Mike G, and is then helmed by Hypnotic Mindscapes’ OG resident, Aaron Santos. Fresh from his US tour and in a homecoming of his own back to TO from Berlin, Hypnotic patchboy, Tro, takes over the craft. At the witching hour, savant digger and spinner, Cosmic JD, mans the system's motherboard for the debut of his new all-hardware live performance, set to launch soon after during his European tour. Lastly, Montreal’s own Discogs oracle Matt Brancatella of the popular podcast and party series Outsiders takes over in the galactic darkness and sets the controls for coming home. Capacity for this stellar event is limited, so keep your eyes on the prize and purchase your tickets fast! Health safety protocol: Although this is a homecoming back to normalcy, we are still in the midst of a pandemic, and of a fourth wave, at that. So please read these health safety protocols carefully. If you have experienced COVID symptoms, have tested positive for COVID, or have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID within fourteen days of the event, or have any other reason to think you might have COVID—PLEASE REMAIN HOME! We especially discourage anybody who has not had at least one vaccine from attending, Although this is an outdoor event, we encourage everyone to be mindful by keeping distance and/or wearing a mask at times that intuitively call for it, e.g. while using the washrooms or ordering at the bar.
  • Hypnotic Mindscapes: Homecoming - Flyer front