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    Paul 'Damage' Bailey (House of God, 1881) Makaton (Rodz-Konez) Matt Blak (Epoch Worx) Residents Jay Knight and Adam Rayner
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  • Quality Underground Techno Paul Bailey started out as a self taught hip hop DJ in the late 80’s within Britain’s industrial heartland, where abandoned factories and crumbling warehouses provided both the inspiration and the setting for the birth of the UK acid house scene. From here came a lengthy sojourn into Britain’s black country where he soon helped establish one of Birmingham’s first techno clubs - unleashing uncompromising new electronika upon on a rapidly expanding underground techno scene. This also inspired the gathering of some of the most influential names in techno including Sir Real (Round records/Kracktronic) and Surgeon (Dynamic Tension/Counterbalance) who together with Paul Bailey would shortly form the backbone residency of the now infamous ‘House of God’ underground techno club. The raised mesh walkways, decaying concrete and uneasy contours of the ‘Dance Factory’ – the then home of the H.O.G - proved the perfect host for Paul (Damage) Bailey to launch a blistering assault upon an increasingly sterile and magazine led UK dance music scene.The House of God celebrated its 12th anniversary in 2005 and as one of the original residents, Paul Bailey’s highly individual hip hop-infused style and technical skill remains the vanguard of H.O.Gs unswerving following.In collaboration with the clubs long standing promoter, Paul Bailey produced and released several titles under the H.O.G Records Banner to far reaching critical acclaim. The ensuing expansion onto the international stage brought bookings throughout Europe and the Far East. Now recording under his real name for his own groundbreaking ‘1881 Records’ imprint, Paul Bailey’s most recent releases such as "Fashon Arrest", "Change the Promise" and "saturday Boy" received both national and international airplay – testament once more to the creativity and innovation that has become his Trademark MAKATON (Rodz-Konez) Makaton is 32 year old Steve Bailey. Born in Birmingham, UK. Steve started the Rodz-Konez label in 1999; Makaton is the main artist on the label. There have been 15 releases on Rodz-Konez so far, with 'MAK016 Makaton 'America, America Is Killing It's Youth' scheduled for late 2006. Makaton hosts Livefeed, a monthly transmission live video / audio from @ Rodz-Konez Studio, with guest mixes from Surgeon, Dave Tarrida, Oscar Mulero, Regis, Female and all Rodz-Konez artists.In 2006 Makaton has been busy playing live sets on the Rodz-Konez "Irreversible Tour" in the UK and Europe. He's affiliated with fellow Birmingham producers: Surgeon, Regis, Female, Paul Bailey. Future releases for Surface Records (UK), RSB (UK) a remix for Emergence (SWE). Makaton releases continue to be charted and played by the underdogs|overdogs of techno. Matt Blak(Epoch Worx) Matt returns to locked for his third time. He has always been known to deliver the harder edged sound to our dance floor, with his dirty live sets, incorporating a combination of hardware and software to produce his own exclusive sound. With the success of his label e’poch worx , he hasfound more opportunity to express his musical influence. Aquiring high chart positions from artist’s like The Advent and Inigo Kennedy, and also tracks featuring in mix compilations around the world. Playing live at various clubs he has gained reputation as one of the new breed of techno artists to emerge from the U.K. Matt has given us hard pounding tracks along with artist’s like Jamie Bissmire, Ben Long, DJ Bam Bam and DJ Amok, with the future holding releases with The Advent, Wla Garcia and Leo Laker. Now with a new direction, E’poch Worx 5 features the latest of Matt’s work under his new alias Element3, with a more stripped down percussive sound fused together with bad ass leads.