9128.Live 2-Year Birthday Takeover

  • Venue
    • The Internet
  • Date
    20 Aug 2021
    Fri 08:00 - Mon 17:00
  • Promoter
    A Strangely Isolated Place
  • Attending
    • 15
  • This August, it’s been two years since launching the first iteration of the 24/7 streaming site + app. We didn’t know the additional live weekend takeovers would be such an escape for us all during the lockdowns and a way to connect, keep a small community together and discover even more new music, but they formed some of our fondest memories over the past two years. So we’ll be celebrating this milestone with another marathon takeover on August 20th. Stay tuned and load up on sleep, the weekend lineup will take us back-to-back over 80-hours, with ambient and deep techno, DJ, Live and Hybrid sets, curated by good friends and label partners of 9128.live, who have been with us since the beginning, including: A Strangely Isolated Place Affin Astral Industries Auxiliary Behind The Sky Calma Madrid The Gods Planet Lásya Mysteries of The Deep Monument Oslated Past Inside the Present There will also be a special announcement regarding 9128.live at the beginning of the event. SEE YOU IN THE CHAT.
  • 9128.Live 2-Year Birthday Takeover - Flyer front
    9128.Live 2-Year Birthday Takeover - Flyer back