Giant Steps Live - Mário Rui Silva (Live)


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Giant Steps Live - Mário Rui Silva (Live)

Giant Steps
Sun, 12 Sep
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    Musicians: Mário Rui Silva (Gt / Vo) Mário Garnacho (Key) Nelson Oliveira (Bass) Elias Kakomanolis (Drums) Tello Morgado (Perc) DJs: Sam Jacob & Kay Suzuki
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  • An apt space for Angola's Mário Rui Silva to bring his pensive, groovy sound. With Silva accompanied by some of his long-time collaborators, it's set to be a special night.
  • Time Capsule presents Mário Rui Silva Mário Rui Silva will perform his seminal works from the 1980s with a 4 peice band on Sunday 12th September at Giant Steps Live! at Hackney Bridge in London. Angolan guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Mário Rui Silva is now finally getting the recognition he deserves. Whether on mesmerising acoustic ballads or hypnotic groove-led tracks, Mário Rui Silva's music has a beguiling, melancholy quality, woven into the dynamics of his deft guitar playing. What might sound like the intonations of Brazilian influence are what Mário attributes to the “African rhythms taken by the slaves [which] gave rise to other musical cultures” around the globe. This music in fact emerged from a collective instinct to assert a cosmopolitan Angolan identity free from the patronising falsehoods of Lusotropicalism. “There was a need within me to contribute in doing new things,” Mário describes. “In the sense of solidifying the music of Angola that was the result of the meeting of two cultures, and wanting to value the Angolan part whenever possible.” A selection from Mário’s three 1980s albums, Sung’Ali (1982), Tunapenda Afrika (1985) and Koizas dum Outru Tempu (1988) have been compiled as a 2xLP release by Time Capsule and released in June 2021. This release provides a snapshot of one man’s journey to the core of his nation’s music, charged with the search for a culture uprooted by colonialism. Praised by both international DJs and taste makers alike, the first press of the double LP was quickly sold out after a couple of weeks. Mário dedicated his life to Angolan popular music. His fifty-year career has seen him live between Angola and Europe, rub shoulders with Cameroonian musicians Francis Bebey and Ewanjé, record the seminal album Angola ’72 with fellow Angolan musician Bonga, and draw influence from Brazilian guitarist Baden Powell. For these special UK performances, he will be accompanied by his long-time collaborators from Angola Mário Garnacho (who played the keyboards on the 1st single of the compilation "Kazum-zum-zum") and Nelson Oliveira on bass. He'll also welcome one of his students and a master Angolan percussionist Tello Morgado (2000 Black / Jocelyn Brown) and fellow London-based drummer Elias Kakomanolis (Carmen Souza) from Mozambique. Musicians: Mário Rui Silva (Gt / Vo) Mário Garnacho (Key) Nelson Oliveira (Bass) Elias Kakomanolis (Drums) Tello Morgado (Perc) DJs: Sam Jacob & Kay Suzuki Here's now the day will run: 1300 - Door Open 1600 - Mário Rui Silva (live) 1730 - Sam Jacob & Kay Suzuki
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