Ouroboros with Alarico, Bltrx, pulsɘs

  • Venue
    Fidelia Club
    • Via Delle Pantane SNC
  • Date
    Sat, 31 Jul 2021
    21:30 - 06:00
  • Attending
    • 1
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    Alarico (KATANA , Bergamo) b2b BLTRX (GOC, Madrid, Berlin) pulsɘs (Fidelia Club, ECHO Rec., Harder Trax) Tiresia (Fidelia Club) Jackhill (Fidelia Club) & STOMA (D7) LIVE
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  • Respect. Nature, Sustainability. Creation through Destruction. Fidelia Club celebrates the endless circle of life Alarico (KATANA , Bergamo) b2b BLTRX (GOC, Madrid, Berlin) https://soundcloud.com/alarico_katana https://soundcloud.com/bltrx Pulsɘs (Fidelia Club, ECHO Rec., Harder Trax) https://soundcloud.com/pulses Tiresia (Fidelia Club) https://soundcloud.com/tiresiatechno Jackhill (Fidelia Club) & STOMA (D7) LIVE Due to Isolation the desire to get together has been growing. From crisis new needs arise, new ideas and opportunities bloom. Fidelia, emerging from the void, proposes a cycle of events to create aggregation within a safe space for everyone. Get ready, because Fidelia Club's Techno will change the rhythm of the land and your steps. Eternal like the mystical serpent that bites its tail, we finally break out of our cages and come together to dance under the stars. Hardware live-performed electronic music and various shades of techno (driving, hypnotic, industrial) will be the soundtrack of this club night, allowing us to enjoy life and each other responsibly. 100% COVID-FREE EVENT* FOR LIMITED NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS, Members only. Booking starts on Wednesday 21st July through [email protected] or our socials. We can't wait to dance together again!
  • Ouroboros with Alarico, Bltrx, pulsɘs - Flyer front