Limited Clubbing x Okno: Borys / Amoexuba / Alis

  • Limited Clubbing invited to host collaboration with infamous Kyiv's hotspot OKHO. Borys (Closer, Cxema, Kyiv) is Kyiv's finest DJ and electronic producer. In the past, Borys performed as a part of the renowned duo Zhyguli, along with Cxema founder Slava Lepsheev. For the decade, Borys performs in nearly all of Kyiv's prominent places like Xlib, Cxema, Closer, ∄, Brave! Factory, etc. Also, he is actively touring across the Europe and CIS region. There he is highly acclaimed as a professional DJ and music selector with a unique attitude. Amoexuba (Limited Clubbing, Kyiv) is a DJ based in Kyiv. Amoexuba is a founder of Limited Clubbing global media platform that showcases forward-thinking music, art, and lifestyle. He rarely performs but placing a bit of his soul into every performance and party. Alis. (Limited Clubbing, Berlin) is a young DJ based in Berlin. In a short amount of time, she published several successful podcasts and got booked to The Brvtalist party in Berlin, and the Avantage party, in Kyiv's newest and hottest club called Arsenal XXII. 6:00 p.m. 100₴ | FC cash only


  • Limited Clubbing x Okno: Borys / Amoexuba / Alis - Flyer front
    Limited Clubbing x Okno: Borys / Amoexuba / Alis - Flyer back