Uprising with WhoMadeWho (Hybrid Set)

  • Hey loves, It’s time to get extremely excited about one hot summer night in the very near future! On Saturday July 24 we come together for the opening night of The Uprising.. This new - day into night - wildness is created by the founders of The Gardens of Babylon, Future Memory and Haoman 17. The Uprising presents WhomadeWho (Hybrid set) Official Opening: July 24/7 4PM till… What are we up to? Time to enjoy a night where all the visual and musical imagination comes to life. Each time we will bring a headliner to the Haoman 17 that will elevate the spirit by a thousand. We bring decoration that will make you wander and get lost. And every show we bring the live performances and visuals that could make psychedelics come to life. The program.. Expect an alluring program from 4pm in the afternoon until the sun rises. The beginning.. At 4PM we open the gates to The Garden and enjoy an oozing afternoon while sun sets with ice creams, a secret program and stunning music. The darkness arrives.. After the sunset, we make our way into the darkness of Haoman.. We need the night to prolong the feelings we have felt around us. Time to dance like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s fall in love with life. Get involved! We are looking for volunteers to team up with us for this magical adventure! We need your creative brain and loving energy. Together with Shishi you will dive into the depth of decorating. Let’s turn the Haoman into a paradise adventure for all of us. We are looking for: - Volunteers to create decoration on the week before and the day of the event. - Dance performers and actors that are available on 24/7 - Market vendors with beautiful crafts and vintage that would like to sell at the event. - Make up artists / glitter stations that can dash up the crowd. Email now to: [email protected] The only way is Up! Love, The Uprising ENTRANCE FROM THE AGE OF 24+
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