[POSTPONED] Edited X WARE: Vigilant with HDMIRROR, rkss, TAAHLIAH and More

  • Six hours of the hardest, fastest, most euphoric dance music around.
  • *POSTPONED WITH NEW DATE COMING SOON* Euphoria merchants and fast-music masters WARE collective join ever mutating platform Edited Arts for a colossal rave/emigration with a star studded cast. Return Vigilant, Remain Vigilant 9pm - 3am HARD ON YARN SOURDONK COMMUNION HDMIRROR KAVARI B2B CITYTRONIX KLOTANG RKSS STOLEN VELOUR TAAHLIAH VISUALS PROVIDED BY RU + MORE 🐦 HDMIRROR 🐦 Club music overload, emotional and intense rave, trance, and gabber. At the forefront of new wave of avant-hardcore music. 🎧 Live from Unsound - https://soundcloud.com/unsound/unsound-podcast-hdmirrror ↼↼↼↼⇀⇀⇀⇀ 🕊️ RKSS 🕊️ Unpredictable, divergent rhythms with radical synthesis to reimagine and explore speculative futures, creating space for different ways of being. 🎧 Live from Mutek - https://soundcloud.com/mutek_montreal/muteklive222-rkss ↼↼↼↼⇀⇀⇀⇀ ✈️ TAAHLIAH ✈️ Artist & activist from Glasgow. Brutal and pop, hardcore and emotional. They express a societal ideal of fluidity. 🎧 TAAHLIAH’s Hard Dance mix - https://soundcloud.com/platform/hard-dance-087-taahliah ↼↼↼↼⇀⇀⇀⇀ 🛸KAVARI B2B CITYTRONIX 🛸 A B2B by 2 legends. KAVARI brings high energy syncopated rhythms, brutalist percussion, and intensity. All while her intoxicating melodies lull you into serenity. Citytronix’ sound is a form of communicating her timelines in life, by capturing sound souvenirs that have moulded her identity in both crisis and reassurance. 🎧 - https://soundcloud.com/citytronix / https://soundcloud.com/kavarimusic ↼↼↼↼⇀⇀⇀⇀ 🧘HARD ON YARN SOURDONK COMMUNION 🧘 They harken back to the oldest days of the donk, a secret society whose shrouded practises reverberate worldwide on the off-beat. 🎧 Monastic/Bombastic - https://soundcloud.com/hardyarnsourdonk/sets/monastic-bombastic ↼↼↼↼⇀⇀⇀⇀ 🌇 KLOTANG 🌇 Klahrk & Otang collab. Fusing hardcore rhythms with hints of trance, jungle and hard dance. Not to be missed. 🎧 BEYONG THE HORIZON - https://soundcloud.com/warecollective/klotang-beyond-the-horizon ↼↼↼↼⇀⇀⇀⇀ STOLEN VELOUR Stolen Velour is a resident and creator at Leeds-based party and label Treehouse. Plummeting rave. 🎧 WAVS.M8 mix - https://soundcloud.com/warecollective/wavm8s-055-stolen-velour ↼↼↼↼⇀⇀⇀⇀ RU VISUALS In house Lumière extraordinaire with tweaking visuals https://www.rupertearl.com/ ↼↼↼↼⇀⇀⇀⇀ Club | Trance | Hardcore | Experimental | +++
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  • [POSTPONED] Edited X WARE: Vigilant with HDMIRROR, rkss, TAAHLIAH and More - Flyer front